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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

21st June 2000

Today started at 7.30am for us, with breakfast at 8am... and then leaving for the flight to the island of Maui.

Woohoo! A 20m flight! (I love these flights! So short!) It seemed that we were at Maui almost as soon as we left Hawaii! *grin*

After arriving, we headed out to 'Ioa Valley, to see the place that was the backdrop to Jurassic Park. It was really quite beautiful there, despite the cloudy day and the spots of rain. It was misty, which probably made the mountains even more beautiful!

We did the short hike up to the lookout to see 'Ioa Needle (a certain part of a god, if you look and see what I mean!), and a lookout for the ancient Hawaiians. It was also a sacred place where their warriors went to perform rites. I can't remember what, though. Oh, well.

When we got to our hotel, we had an afternoon free, before the Lu'au in the evening. Nat and I went for a bit of a walk around Lahaina, looking at the shops and having a general look around, before returning to our hotel for a nap. (We were going to a lu'au after all! And travelling on the plane is tiring...)

The Old Lahaina Lu'au was fantastic! When we entered, we each got a lei (I still have mine - it dried out, and I asked Australian customs, when I got home, and they said it was fine to take in to the country! Yay!), and was presented with a drink - I had the mai tai. (Hawaii - if you come here and don't drink cocktails, you're just not doing it right!)

We had time to wander around and see all the local crafts that was being sold - I bought an anklet made from a flower and some woven leaves. It was pretty cute. ^_^ There was lots of other crafts - bone pendants, woven baskets, shell and nut leis and jewelry... but I wasn't sure if customs would let me take it back, so I didn't get anything else.

Then it was time for the unearthing of the pig from the imu (the underground oven)! The guys went into the pit and dug it up, and unwrapped it from the banana leaves and other wrapings, along with the other vegetables. They pig was cooked by placing super-heated stones inside it, and around it, and steamed due to the banana leaves - they're full of water! Despite the fact that it looked really ugly, it was so tender and good!

I like Hawaiian food. ^_^

There was a ton of it to eat, before the show, too. Pig, poi (made from taro plant, as a dip for meat and fish), fish, taro, sweet potato, poke, taro rolls, guava cake and haupai cake, and much, much more! And not to mention the open bar, with mai tais, green pashes, blue hawaiis, lava flows and more. Yummy! I'd go again, just for the food! *grin*

Then, when everyone was finished eating, the show started. It was great, because it was in the round. Everyone could see! Our table was up the front, on the ground, so we were all kneeling or sitting on mats, abd had a great place for photos. (My film wasn't good enough, though... so only some of the photos, early on, came out well. Oh, well!)

Dan said that he'd been to almost every lu'au in Hawaii, and this one was the best one he'd ever been to! I'll say it was great! If you go to Hawaii, make sure to go to Maui and check out this lu'au - just remember to book a few months in advanced. Dan says it's booked solid for at least three months!

Day Five
Day Seven

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Kailua-Kona Airport Kailua-Kona Airport - It's an acutal open-air airport! Behind Dan and Craig you can see the lounge, and the runway is behind that!
Maui from the Plane Maui from the Plane - This is Maui as seen from my seat, near the wing of the plane - all of the light green patches are sugar cane.
'Ioa Needle 'Ioa Needle - In the 'Ioa Valley sits a Needle, a sacred place to the ancient Hawaiians. (I wonder why... ;p )
Lu'au Imu Lu'au Imu - A pig is being baked in the imu (the earth oven), and the guys are digging it up! Mmmm...
Lu'au Stage Lu'au Stage - The stage is in the round, so it's great viewing for everyone. A boat used in the Lu'au sits on the stage... the Contiki group is to the right, at the end of the boat.
Sunset Sunset - The sun sets over the sea, at the Old Lahaina Lu'au.
Myself Myself - All dressed up for the Lu'au, wearing the lei I was given when I arrived, a flower on my right (meaning not married!) and a flower anklet I bought there. ^_^
Tahitian Hula Tahitian Hula - They hula dances are depicting the Tahitians, before they left and found Hawaii.
Pele Hula Pele Hula - Pele (in the red), the goddess of Volcanos, dances the hula with her sisters.

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