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ContikiAnime Expo 2000

Well, here's a day by day report on both my Contiki and AX trip(s)!! The photos are at the bottom of each page!

23rd June 2000

Ah, another free day! Nat went off to do parasailing, but Ken, Lilly and I went for a walk around the town... we all got up late (yay, sleeping in is good!) and headed out.

Some time during our walk we decided that we wanted to eat traditional Hawaiian food. So we walked till we found a little tourist stand, and checked out the food guide. Hmm... we didn't find much in Lahaina in the magazines. So we walked around, wondering what else to eat.

At one of the shopping centres, an outdoor one, there was a little museum-type thing, with various displays of the ancient houses. We checked that out for a while, before going on.

Anyway, we had a long, long walk around the place, and ended up at a place that the menu said had Hawaiian food... it was far away, and when we ended up there after such a long walk in the hot sun (there was my excersise for the year! ;p ) we found that the menu had changed.

It didn't have any Hawaiian food!!!


Well, we ate there, anyway, then took the USD$1 bus back to Lahaina. We split up - I went to the pool at the hotel to cool down, and they went on, continuing their walk around.

Dinner that night was at the Hard Rock Cafe, and everyone went. I got a cute little Hard Rock Cafe Maui bear, and a cute little t-shirt, too. ^_^

We went to the Maui Bar for a bit before going back to the hotel for a little sleep... Everyone was tired that night, even the people who tended to be up all night! Weird! I wonder why...

(As you can probably guess, I didn't take many photos today... sorry!)

Day Seven
Day Nine

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Hale Moe Hale Moe - Me, outside one of the various houses at one of the local shopping centres. Another little museum-tyle place, but a bit more interesting than the one at Kailua-Kona, as you could see inside!

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