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Manifest 2001 - Day Two

12th August 2001

Yet another way-too-early rise. It was Sunday, and I still had to get up early! Pity that Manifest wasn't big enough yet to have hotels attached to it, so all I'd have to do is go downstairs and be at the con! Oh, well. Maybe in a few years...

This time, my costume was a lot lighter, so my bag wasn't heavy at all, so going on the train and tram was no problem, thankfully! And it only took a few moments to get changed - doing my hair took longer than putting on the dress! ^_^

As I wasn't on any panels till the afternoon, the morning was just spent hanging out in the hallway with the others, and chatting and playing cards. Heh, I learned a new card game - Big Two. That was fun ... it was my first time playing, and I won! (Though I had people helping me. I really needed the help. ^_^ ) Another game was Five Alive... heh, that was cool. It went from four people playing it down to the final two - myself and Andy. And I won! Woohoo! My little men survived, yay!!!

Lunch was yet another BBQ, which was good. It was actually sunny outside (so I could wear my Chinese dress outside without freezing to death, amazing as it might seem for winter!) and after than, I got together with Chi and Rosa to practise for the Great Debate... We all went through our speeches one by one. It was the first time I'd said it out aloud, and I went a number of minutes over the allotted time, but hey. I scribbled out a few things, and we were set to go!

But first, I had to go judge the cosplay. (So no more practise time for me - the others might have done some more, but I had to go 'work'!)

Today, Widya was dressed up as ... something I had no idea what he was trying to be. Until he said he was meant to be Cologne. *laugh* Oh, dear... but it is a cool way to go about it. Too bad the walls were a light colour instead of dark, otherwise his outfit would have been so much cooler!!

Again, I only took a few photos of the cosplayers (and a photo of all of them at the end)... but there were less cosplayers today. And I didn't want to find that I didn't have any film left for taking photos later in the day, so I abstained from taking photos of most of the cosplayers. Sorry, guys.

Judging was still hard... we had a system going, though, so that did make it somewhat easier, but we had such a hard time in picking some of those who were either in the top three or the role play winner! But we finally picked Kate's Rabi en Rose as winner of the role playing... and Zaley's Zelgadis won best costume, judged by the audience.

Now was the event that everyone had been waiting for (well, lots of people, anyway): The Great Debate! "That Girls Make Better Anime Fans than Guys" with the girls' team as the negative. Nick (dressed as the female Maze) was MC (and organiser) for the event.

The boys' team had Andy Soetedja, Peter Strong and Alex Law. The girls' team were Chi-Sze Ooi, myself and Rosa Scabellone.

Since I only have access to my own part, I thought I'd share my points (you may or may not find them amusing. People laughed when I did my part, so at least the audience was amused!):

Men are obviously the bigger anime fans.

(I think it was at this point that Nick came up with his 'knife' and said 'That's enough out of you, missy!', adjusted his balloon-breasts and went back to his seat behind me. ^_^ )

Heh, that was fun. The whole debate was a lot of fun - I think we all enjoyed it (both teams)! And, even though we were judged by Nick to be the winner at the end from the clapping of the audience, I reckon it was just about even for both teams.

Anyway, we girls were all lying - of COURSE girls make better anime fans than guys! ^_~

One thing did tick me off at the debate - why on EARTH was Justin sitting up behind the debaters when he had nothing to do with the Great Debate?! He should have been sitting in the audience like everyone else! That really annoyed me, when I noticed. But by then it was too late. -_-

Anyway, next we moved over to the main auditorium to find out who won MAS's drawing... and Alex Neilson won the DVD player!! Ah, well... I think he bought a whole book. No wonder my 10 little tickets didn't win a thing! ^^;

I attended two other panels (I didn't have any more 'work' to do! Thank goodness!) - the Costuming panel which was interesting, though I don't know if I'll ever sit down and start sewing stuff. It's much easier just to buy something. (Yeah, I'm just lazy!) And then the Anime Music panel. Well. Let me say that this was the worst panel that I'd ever been to. Instead of being a panel about anime music, maybe with Andy and Brad (I don't know if Brad was asked or not, but he wasn't there) talking about A6M, the J-Rock band they're in... maybe with samples of music from different anime through the years... maybe some music played by the guys from the band... maybe some anime clips to show how different music is used in anime... No, instead of any of that, it was Justin sitting there talking about his favourite music, and playing whole songs all the way through, of the music he likes, even though the audience was so bored that they were talking to each other over the top of said music!! Andy, who was in the panel, hardly got a word to say! Eventually it changed into some form of not organised karaoke... and Justin started singing two songs!!!! What on earth was this, the Justin panel!? What on earth does Justin have to do with anime music, anyway? Nothing, as far as I knew! Why couldn't he just let Andy talk instead of taking over the panel? He didn't even seem to know that the audience was sick fed up of hearing Justin's music! He even told us to 'Shh!' once or twice, I think. Talk about not getting the hint... *sigh*

Eventually we left and headed down to the theatre, where the closing was going to happen. We caught the last few minutes of the Escaflowne movie, and then there was the thanks for the people who worked at putting Manifest together and getting it running, and the different plugs for the anime clubs involved. And that was, unfortunately, the end of Manifest for the year.

A number of us, who hadn't eaten, headed off to find some dinner. It turned out to be a large party, which got even larger as we couldn't find an open Japanese restaurant. In the end we did find one, and took up two long tables! The people there were definitely not expecting us, so the food took a long time to be cooked and served, but we spent the time talking. It was a nicer way to end Manifest than the final panel...

Ah, well. After dinner it was time to head home, and get what little sleep I could before heading out to work the next morning. I was tired, but over all, I had a good time. I hope Manifest will be even bigger and better, next year!

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