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I only attended one of two days of Manifest, so here is my report on the second day!

6th August 2000

Unfortunately I was busy on the 5th of August, but on the 6th, I ended up going to Manifest - Melbourne Anime Festival!

I ended up getting there a little late in the day (had to catch the train in to the city, then a tram out to Melbourne University, and I slept in a little longer than I thought I would), but I got there just before lunch time.

For that time of the year, the weather wasn't all that bad - there was actually sun, despite the fact that it was still winter! Yay!

I went in and registered, getting my badge, and said 'hi' to my friends who were all hanging about. But first things first - I went to find David Eddy as we were to do a fanfic panel together.

He was in one of the rooms, with Justin, watching something or other, which looked like some tech talk panel that was showing a space anime. I don't remember what it was, but it was something I'd quite happily skip, whatever it was. I had a quick talk with David, and arranged to meet up after that panel.

This gave me time to get dressed in costume!

Ever tried putting on two kimono, tabi, and a real obi? The kimono and tabi - no problem. The obi? Maaaaaaaaaan, it took forever to get it on. It wasn't an especially wide obi, but it was long enough for me. I probably put it on upside down, because the back was hanging down, rather than up. I didn't have anything to hold the back design up, so maybe it was that. Whatever, it still took ages to put it on. I didn't have an obijime, so I just used the thin cloth 'belt' for the top kimono instead.

Although pretty, the top kimono was a polyester thing from Daimaru (expensive, too!) just it just doesn't sit right. It sticks out in places and just doesn't sit straight... I'm not too impressed with it, but a real kimono as pretty as that would cost a fortune!!

Anyway, I finished dressing, and as I'd just had a hair cut, I told people that I was dressed as 'Akane going to a festival'. *grin*

I headed outside (to get some lunch) to where all the guys were ... and the sausage sizzle! A great Aussie institution - sausages (and maybe onions) with tomatoe sauce, in bread. ^_^

This is where I caught up with my friends (and other costumers), and we all posed in front of the various cameras around!

(Let me tell you that it's hard to pose with a sausage in your hand!)

After the fun of posing for the cameras, it was time for my panel (almost)! Yay!

I headed back to the panel room (there was only one panel room, the theatre where anime was showing, and the registration area, which also held the various dealers and snack foods) where the Sunday cosplay contest was to be held.

There were actually a number of cosplayers - though I was told that there were less here than on Saturday. But it was a bigger turn out than I expected, none the less! About 13 people, in all!

Justin, Alex Lau and Nick ran the Cosplay Competition... and amazingly, I was in the top three!

We had to do an impromptued theatre sports-like play, which I wasn't really ready for, but hey! I got third place, the guy who dressed as Kunou got first place and Alex Neilson, as Random Bad Guy 23 got second!

I got a little bag with a few comics and various other prizes inside. ^_^

A few of us then hung around for the fanfic panel... it was meant to be Dave and myself, but some guy (the scary otaku for the convention) turned up and butted his way in because he'd written a Robotech fanfic or two. ^^;;

Jono, who was at AX2000, turned up while we were hanging out in the room. The first time we've met in Melbourne! Yay!!!

Though not many people stayed for the fanfic panel, enough turned up for it to be a nice, cosy chat. Dave did most of the talking, though. ^_^

It wasn't like the fanfic panel at AX98, but I still did have a few people coming up and talking to me after the panel!

After yet more hanging about and chatting, it was time for the judging of the fanfic competition in the main theatre room.

I don't remember the prize winners... except my own prize! I won second prize with Silly Ranma 1/2 fanfic - Ranma Nibunnoichi - Passion Spice...?! I got another little bag of goodies along with a CD. DBZ background music... not my favourite, but I still won it! ^_^

The rest of the evening was spent watching various anime that was being screened - Cowboy BeeBop and Trigun to name two.

It was somewhat uncomfortable sitting on the chair in my obi. Oh, well!

After some anime watching, it was time for me to depart - I'd already arranged to go out to dinner. Things did continue, but... I'm sure Manifest continued well enough without me. Maybe next year I'll stay for the whole thing...

But, IMO, the first Australian anime convention was great, despite not being able to make it both days and the lack of Japanese guests. I had fun anyway!

(The one thing that I did miss, though, was the parties at night and the alcohol... BYO next year, Jono and I were thinking!! But what about the spa?!)

A great, big thankyou goes out to the four clubs who organised the event: Weekly Watchers of Wonderful Anime, Melbourne Anime Society, Swinburne Anime Club and Monash Anime and Comics Club. Thanks to everyone involved and all the volunteers! You guys are the best! Keep it up for next year! I expect... no demand Manifest 2001!! You have been warned. ^_~

Hope to see everyone there!

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Me in my Outfit Me in my Outfit - Posing outside (Oooh, sun in Melbourne in winter?! I don't believe it!) in my kimono - the fan's a little small, but it's a tea ceremony fan, and I've got on an obi, the red tea ceremony silk cloth, tabi and geta.
Fanfic Panel Fanfic Panel - Myself and Dave Eddy (in the red) at our fanfic panel! Dave did most of the talking, and I threw in the occasionaly comment here and there... ^_^
Some of the Guys Some of the Guys - Jono, Peter and Dave after the fanfic panel, posing for my photo. Jono and I were saying that this can't be a real con, as there are no spas to sit in all afternoon, and no parties with copious amounts of alcohol and iron bar tenders at night... We've been spoiled by AX!
Sunday Cosplayers Sunday Cosplayers - I'm the one holding the parasole! Alex Neilson is on the right of me, and the guy who did Kunou is kneeling in front of Alex. Some of the other characters include guys from 'Syndicate' (anime my foot! That's a computer game! But they did look really cool, though!), Ranma, Evangelion and Maze.
Cosplayers Outdoors Cosplayers Outdoors - Shinji, Syndicate bad guys, Random Bad Guy, Ranma, Nick holding a parasol (he's behind everyone, so you can't see his outfit!), myself in my kimono and Maze!
Me, in Costume Me, in Costume - Part of the cosplay involved talking to people, so that's what I was doing. Kneeling and answering questions!
Myself and Shinji Myself and Shinji - Me, as Akane, and another cosplayer as Shinji, posing for the camera. ^_^

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