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Anime Marathon

Melbourne's yearly anime marathon!

Well, the tradition started last year, when all of the anime clubs in Melbourne combined to have a marathon at Melbourne University. It was fun, and we got to see lots of anime and meet other anime fans from all the clubs.

The '99 anime marathon was held on August 21, at Melbourne University again.

As per my normal, lazy schedule, I turned up late (as I did the previous year), and left early (to go to RPGing, as I did the previous year.)

I turned up in time for lunch - yay! There was a BBQ with sausages and hamburgers in bread (with or without tomato sauce!) and cans of soft drink for $1. Or, if you didn't go for that, you could buy some cheap, yummy, home-made yakisoba, cooked on the webber BBQ in front of you! (Thanks, Alex!)

Of course I went for the yakisoba, and it wasn't a bad choice!! (I got a free sausage afterwards from the people cleaning up, when everyone else was inside watching anime. ^_^ )

Anyway, while eating lunch, I caught up with some of my 'old' friends from WWWA (Melbourne University's anime club, which I joined, despite the fact that I went to Monash University.) And got my photo taken with some of them, thanks to Thai for brining his camera!!

After lunch and chatting, we all trooped inside and sat down to watch what most people had come here for - anime!! (I watched more anime in this afternoon than I'd watched at the WHOLE of Anime Expo in '98 and '99 combined!) Laputa, two episodes of Serial Experiments Lain (what a wacked out anime!) and some Slayers Try...

Then there was to be a band. A6M was it's name. I wasn't sure of it, and had no idea who they were or what they'd be doing. I thought maybe they were some group who were going to play some J-pop or something at us, and was wondering if I should leave to go to RPGing a bit early.

But I stayed... and I am glad that I did!! A6M were cool!!! They weren't professionals - just a group of anime fans who got together to play music for us, maybe for us to sing along, too. They played anime theme songs, including:

If only they'd had the words to the songs up on the screen, then we all cound have sung along with the singers! Maybe next year...

But they were really cool - everyone wanted them to play more songs!! It was a whole lot of fun. ^_^

Unfortunately it was time for me to go... I'm not quite sure of all the anime I missed before I turned up, but I did miss Cowboy Beebop at 10am, and I missed the End of Evangelion which was shown after I left.

Maybe I'll borrow them from the anime clubs one day... Oh, well.

It was a whole lot of fun, anyway. And next year, I hope that everyone can make it!! ^_^

Here's a list of the images - select the link or the thumbnails (they have been cropped, so the largest images are shown in full) to view them!

Melbourne anime fans Melbourne anime fans - a shot of the fans in the auditorium between anime showings. You know, if we had a Japanese guest visit, we could call this an Anime Convention!! ^_^
The BBQ The BBQ - Charles, Helen and Robert at work to provide everyone lunch! (Justin worked with the money, and Alex did yakisoba for those who didn't want sausages and hamburgers!)
Us 'old' WWWA people Us 'old' WWWA people - David, Bee, Alex, Thai, Paul, myself and Jacinta. We used to go back in the olden days of anime fandom, back in WWWA's first years... Ah, those were the days!
More golden oldies More golden oldies - us again! I remember back on the BBS when Paul thought up the idea of an anime club for Melbourne University, and was asking me to help think up names... Weekly Watchers of Wonderful Anime was the result!
Helen & A6M Band Helen & A6M Band - The A6M band (made up of MACC - Monash Anime Comics Club - members) entertained everyone (they were cool!!) by playing anime theme songs. Helen sang the last song, 'Fly Me to the Moon'.
WWWA presidents throughout time WWWA presidents throughout time - Bee (WWWA's second prez), Thai (the third), Paul (the first) and Helen (WWWA's current president)
Melbourne's current anime club presidents Melbourne's current anime club presidents - Choy (SAC), Helen (WWWA), Justin (MAS) and Sheena (MACC) Without them, there would have been no anime marathon!!

Thanks to Thai for all of the photos - I didn't bring my camera!!

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