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Well, here's my photos of Round-the-World holiday!



I traveled to Sweden for my brother's wedding, and then rounded off the trip with a trip to Scotland, London and finally Florida.

As you may assume, I've forgotten pretty much everything about the holiday itself, so there won't be a day-by-day journal. Instead, I've got the photos in general classifications for viewing.

In and Around Gothemburg, Sweden

Bohus Fortress 1 Bohus Fortress 2 Bohus Fortress 3 Gothemburg 1 Gothemburg 2 Gothemburg 3 Gothemburg 4 Gothemburg Bridge Gothemburg Crown Gothemburg Lion King's Garden King's Garden Grotto At King's Garden with Leanne Lena and Stephen Reception Celebrity Head Reception Games Stephen and Lena's Wedding Cake Swedish Houses Swedish Sunset

On to Scotland!

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