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Mitsy RIP 29/03/05

Mitsy, when she was young Mitsy, looking well at Christmas time Mitsy, on her bed at Christmas Pippa and Mitsy together, Mitsy not doing well Pippa and Mitsy on Mitsy's bed Mitsy, wrapped up and on her bed, in the back of the car on the way to the vet Mitsy, looking around on the way to the vet A close up of Mitsy Mitsy, getting lifted out of the car The last photo of our poor Mitsy, at the vets

Pippa RIP 15/03/08

Pippa as a kitten, playing with a keyring Pippa as king of the castle on his throne! Pippa getting a neck scritch, which he loved Pippa making his mark after the rain! Pippa playing with a 'mouse'! Pippa eating from his bowl Pippa, sleeping by the window Poor Pippa, not doing well, resting on my lap The last photo of our poor Pippa, at the vets

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