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A small tribute to Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

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Having just watched the Princess' funeral on the day Mother Teresa died, I can not believe that anyone would not have been moved ... that their hearts would not have cried out to Princess Diana's family, especially her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry... and to all those whos lives the tiny nun, Mother Teresa, touched.

At the Princess' funeral, the two boys were so very brave... walking for so long through public streets, following their mother's coffin with their father, Prince Charles. I don't know if I could have done that. And the beautiful little boquet of flowers on the Princess' coffin, a small card with only one word on it - Mummy - was so heart wrenching... These boys deserve a lot of respect for their bravery and their love for their mother. At least after the funeral, the boys will have a chance to grieve in private at the Princess' island grave site.

Earl Spencer, Princess Diana's brother, gave his speech. His tribute to his sister described her so properly ... even with his small comments to the media and the Royal family. My heart went out to him as he almost broke down near the end ... the whole UK seemed to be effected by him, talking of his sister's love of life and kindness. Everyone cheered, even those in Westminster Abbey, not just the crowds of millions outside.

The most moving part, the sadest part for me, was listening to Elton John's song for Princess Diana. It felt so ... right ... The Royal family were in tears. How could anyone who knew her not be in tears? Even people in the streets were crying for the death of their hero. How much more so would her friends and family be torn up inside, remembering her and how she would no longer be among them?

A beautiful farewell from the people who lined the side of the streets was the way they threw flowers at Princess Diana's herse, paving the way with them. By the end of the procession to the ancestoral land of the Spencer family, flowers were covering the roof and bonnet of the herse itself. The people cheered for their princess as she was driven past, in her coffin, to go to her final resting place. Even England's M1 was brought to a standstill, just as the rest of the country had been, too. The people stopped their lives to say goodbye to their Princess.

I could say nothing better about her than either her brother or the song by Elton John... So I shall quote the Earl Spencer's moving tribute to his sister and Elton John's lyrics...

Neither can I do better than the simple and beautiful pages of Memories of Princess Diana by the British government.

Please, all of you who feel moved by Princess Diana's death ... the grief her family and friends are going through ... and anyone else with a heart ... please, please boycot all of these horrible magazines who pay these pathetic paparazzi for their disgusting photographs. These people, the paparazzi and the editors of such magazines, should not be allowed to go on. When will the next person die because of them? Even people's private lives should not be invaded by these amoral creatures, let alone should they be a danger to someone's life! These people do, as Earl Spencer said, have blood on their hands.

But, not only the horrible paparazzi, but the drink-drivers of the world. How many more will need to die before people learn to stop drink-driving? Please, stop your friends and people you know from driving if they have been drinking Don't let those you know also become like the paparazzi and have blood on their hands ...

I am sure that the Princess would have wanted her death to help others, and to save the lives of others. Please boycot paparazzi and the magazines who use their photos and please make drink-driving socially unacceptable, even if it is just among your friends and family. Please do not let the Princess' death have been in vain ... Remember her, and try to help others like she would have tried to help them herself.

One more thing ... in the city today, at Melbourne on the 6th of September 1997, the day of the Princess of Wales' funeral, there was a beautiful memorial from the people of Melbourne - outside St Paul's Cathedral was a section of grass, at the corner, that had been totally filled with flowers and small notes to farewell the Princess. She meant a lot, not only to the people of the UK, but to many people all over the world. The flowers were a testiment of this... I felt sad, yet moved, at seeing these expressions from the heart.

Farewell, Princess Diana ... You did the best you could to help everyone ... Those you touched will never forget you. May your friends and family feel God's peace on them ... and may your death change the world.

But not only the Princess died this week - another remarkable and caring woman followed the Princess to Heaven. Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997) died early this morning. Her whole life was given over to helping the poor and the needy. She lived her life in poverty, doing her best to help the world selflessly. She was a friend of the Princess, and both of them will be sadly missed. In yet another strange coincidence, it seems that Mother Theresa was very upset this week by a special video that was being aired about her on TV that was not accurate and this may have caused her heart to give out. Maybe that, combined with the death of a friend, caused Mother Teresa's death...

Of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa had said, "She felt very sorry for the poor. She wanted to do something for them. That's why she stood so close to me. Diana helped me to help the poor. She was very anxious with the lot of the poorest. That's why she is so beloved to me."

But, whatever the cause of Mother Teresa's death, the world has lost two wonderful women in the space of a week. May they both rest in peace, and may others follow their paths of caring and love towards others. We need more people like them in this world. But the world will mourn, remembering these two women and the good that they did for the world.

This ribbon is in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales      This ribbon is in memory of Mother Teresa, a beloved humanitarian known throughout the world for her charity towards the poor, who died on September 5, 1997, at age 87 in her Missionaries of Charity home in central Calcutta.

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