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Ancient Egyptian Page

by Caroline Seawright


Pharaoh Hatshepsut

[ Hatshepsut as Osiris ] When this page is complete, hopfully you'll have gained some understanding of Egypt and of some of the gods and goddesses and pharaohs who ruled in ancient Egypt!

Above is a photo of Pharaoh Hatshepsut's Mortuary-Temple, at Deir El'Bahri. It was designed by Senmut, one of Hatshepsut's favourites during her reign - he had titles heaped apon him by Hatshepsut, and even became a personal tutor to one of Hatshepsut's daughters, Neferure.

The photo on the left is of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, an Egptian queen who proclaimed herself pharaoh, as the god Osiris. She often had statues and images of herself as a man, probably as a way to give her rule some authority - women were not meant to be pharaohs.

Here is an article I wrote on Hatshepsut, Female Pharaoh of Egypt.

The Goddess Hathor Hathor (Ht-hr - House of Horus)

[ Hathor and Seti I ] She was a goddess of many things, among them she was a:

[ Manga-style sketch of Hathor ] She was also known as the Mistress of Life, the Great Wild Cow, the Golden One, the Mistress of Turquoise, Lady of Dendera (her cult centre was located at Dendera), Mistress of Qis, Lady to the Limit (of the Universe), the Powerful One, the Mistress of the Desert, Lady of the Southern Sycamore... and many other names, besides.

The reason that she has so many names, one would assume, is because she is an ancient goddess - she seems to have been mentioned as early as the 2nd Dynasty. She may even been associated with the Narmer palette - although the two human faced bovines may also have been a representation of the king.

It is interesting to note, though, that there is not a personal name of the goddess mentioned in the list of names - they are all titles.

Hatshepsut's mortuary-temple was built at Deir El'Bahri, a site sacred to Hathor. Within the mortuary-temple, Hatshepsut created a shrine to Hathor to glorify this goddess.

Read the article I wrote for more information about Hathor.

Excepts from Ancient Beauty Secrets by Judith Illes.

Tutankhamen's Perfume

For blending purposes, the oil should be liquid. If the oil has solidified, place one-quarter cup of the solid oil in the top of a double boiler and warm gently. (If you don't have a double boiler, improvise by creating a water bath. Put the oil in a container and place it within a pot of water. Warm the water gently on the stove, under constant supervision. The oil must not actually be in the water.) When the oil is liquid, blend in the essential oils. Place in a container and allow to harden at room temperature again.

Perhaps instead of a historically accurate texture, you'd like to avail yourself of some of spikenard's therapeutic gifts. Beyond their evocative fragrances, both spikenard and frankincense are considered especially beneficial for mature skin, minimizing wrinkles and delaying the signs of aging. To reap those benefits instead, substitute a thinner vegetable oil, less inclined to clog pores than coconut, perhaps grapeseed or jojoba. These oils will not solidify but will remain liquid. There is no need to heat the oil; merely add the essential oils. Massage a little into your face before retiring in the evening. (Both oils also have reputations as romance-enhancers, so the possibilities are endless.)

Ancient Egyptian Anti-Wrinkle Cream Updated

Apply to the cleansed face nightly with a gentle massage.

Scalp and Hair Stimulation Oil

Mix the Sweet Almond Oil together with the Castor Oil in a small bowl and then add no more than 10 drops of Essential Oil. Mix with your fingers and then rub vigorously into your scalp, concentrating on areas where hair is thinning.

Henna Paste

(This is a basic recipe for creating henna paste. It is only one among millions: in some regions every family has a closely guarded secret recipe, including various add-ins guaranteed to improve the hue and longevity. Take this one and experiment: you can add espresso, rose petals, saffron or hibiscus flowers.)

  1. In a glass mixing bowl, combine all ingredients.

  2. Mix, stirring in one direction to eliminate any lumps. The texture should be akin to toothpaste or stiff cake frosting: add extra powder or liquid, a little at a time, to achieve this consistency.

  3. Once the paste is smooth, cover the bowl with a towel and let it sit overnight in a warm place before using.

You can also reap the benefits of henna without the color: neutral (colorless) henna powder may also be used to condition the nails. Neutral henna powder is usually sold as a hair-care product. All polish must be off your nails for this treatment to be effective.

Add half a teaspoon of the neutral powder to one half cup of warmed spring water. You may also add a teaspoon of yogurt (full fat for best effect) and one or two drops of essential oil of chamomile for extra conditioning. Mix the ingredients in a glass bowl, creating a paste. Gently place a lump of the paste on your nails and cuticles; allow it to remain for about fifteen minutes and then remove.

Excepts © Judith Illes and Tour Egypt

Egyptology Column
My Egyptology Column

In my Egyptology Column, I will be publishing different Egypt or Egyptology related articles, weekly - from gods to religion to heiroglyphs!

The column starts off with a series entitled 'Learning Egyptian Hieroglyphs':

I'm going to go through the book, "Egyptian Grammar" by A.H. Gardiner, and try to learn Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs... and share what I learn!


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[ OsirisNet ]

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