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Want to see my 'published' works? Have a look at Themestream Articles by Kunoichi! (Since TS has gone, taking the US$344.08c they owed me with it, my articles are being hosted here!)

Well, this is my home page. Hopefully you'll enjoy my site as much as I enjoyed making it! Look around - there's lots of Ranma 1/2 information (both about the anime and manga), voice actor links, lyrics and even some images here and there! AND there's a few images from the Ranma 1/2 finale, as it finished in Japan quite a while ago. See the awards that my site won - Yay! ^_^

Also on this page, you can find my Ranma 1/2 (Red Dwarf and X-Files) fanfiction, some of my fan art (and a little 'manga'), my resume, about my name, my trips to Anime Expo ... and the Church of Ryouga! Plus check out banners that you can use to link to my page on my banners page.

I've also got a couple of search programs, so you might be able to find something specific on my page much more easily.

Other pages of interest include: my memorial page, my Egyptology page, a currency converter, and a banners page - grab an image and the code, if you want to link to my site from here!

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[ Colour 'Glamour Photo - Close Up ]
A colour 'glamour' photo, a close up of my face (though it doesn't look all that much like me!)
[ Sepia 'Glamour' Photo ]
A 'glamour' photo of myself, in sepia tones (more 'cute' than 'glamour' if you ask me!)
[ Purple Hair!!! ]
A photo of me for the office Christmas party - on a boat and everyone dressed up!
[ A photo of me and Danny John-Jules (The Cat from Red Dwarf!) ]
Myself and Danny John-Jules, who plays the Cat in Red Dwarf!
[ Picture of Caroline ]
Thanks to Lord_Raptor @AnimeMUCK for sampling the picture of me at DECR, where he works!
[ Picture of Caroline in a Chinese Dress ]
Another photo of me, this one from my 21st party! Thanks to L_R and Miyuki@AnimeMUCK for scanning it in!

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