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Below are some translations. The manga is read from right to left, top to bottom. So the first translation would be for the top, right hand side picture... then moving to the left, then down.

Thoughts are indicated by [] ...

Hope you don't get too confused!

Many, many thanks for to Fumiyo Sakabe for all of her time and help that went into translating these (hard to read) images! Thanks Fumi!

[ Akane's Transformation ]
Ranma: [Akane, here is the water.]
Ranma: [Please recover!!]

[ Ranma's Concern ]
Ranma: A... Akane...

[ Moments Later ]
Ranma: [She doesn't breath...]
Mousse: ...He was too late...
Plum: The Jyusen Water didn't bring her back.

[ Ranma, Talking to Akane ]
Ranma: She tried to help me... but it was not her business.
Ranma: Stupid Akane...
Ranma: No, I'm sorry... To tell the truth, I wanted to say 'thank you'.
Ranma: Sorry, Akane... I'm not good at it.

[ The Talk Continues ]
Ranma: I can never speak the truth. I always offend and trouble you.
Ranma: Wake up, Akane... I have something to tell you.
Ranma: You can hear me, can't you?

[ Relief ]
Ranma: [I want to tell you 'I love you'!] AKANEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
Ranma: Aka...ne...?
Akane: Ran...ma...

[ Akane's Response ]
Ranma: Akane!!
Akane: Ranma...
Ranma: [She's alive...] Akane... [She's smiling!!]
Akane: Sorry... I could hear you but I couldn't move...
Ranma: Eh...?

[ Back in Nerima ]
Sign: Tendou Doujou
Souun: While he's knocked out...
Genma: Do this and this.
Ranma: Wh... what's this!?
Souun: Oh, Akane said that she'll get married.
Ranma: Eh!?
Genma: It's not a lie.
Nodoka: You look so manly, Ranma.
Ranma: You! Akane!

[ The Blushing Bride ]
Akane: Ranma...

[ The Blushing Groom ]
Ranma: H... hey...
Akane: I should have worn a kimono...
Ranma: N, no. Don't worry... you look c...cute.
Akane: Really...? I'm so happy...
Ryouga: A wedding invitation, isn't it? Heh.

[ Together ]
Ranma: Ah...
Akane: Yes?
Ranma: Why didn't you refuse to get married?
Akane: Because...
Akane: Ranma, you love me, don't you?
Ranma: Eh?

[ Ranma'll be Sorry? ]
Ranma: Eh? What did you say?
Akane: Because of what you said at Jyusendou and you cried...
Ranma: I didn't say it!
Akane: I think you did!
Ranma: Do you want to fight me!?
Akane: Heh. You don't have to marry me.
Akane: But you will regret it.
Ranma: Hm...?
Nabiki: Hey, Dad.
Nabiki: You don't have to hide it.
Souun: Heh...

[ The Conclusion ]
Hinako: Yay! Cake!
Guest: It can't be here.
Nabiki: Money.
Kunou: Akane, marry me!
Kodachi: Where's Ranma?
Mousse: Shampoo!
Shampoo: Ranma!
Ukyou: Ran-chan!
Konatsu: Ukyou-sama...
Ryouga: Feh.
Happousai: Gehehehe! Wakaoku-san!
Kasumi: My, how lively.
Souun: So, now.
Souun: You have to put your affairs in order.
Akane: Generally, it's you.
Ranma: It's you.

[ Raytraced Ranma characters from Ranma 1/2 - Hard Battle ]

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