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The Cat

[ The Cat ] Name: "The Cat"
Rank: "Most Handsome Guy on the Ship"
Status: Ship's Cat

Played by: Danny John-Jules

[ The Cat, taking a nap ] Not one of the crew, the Cat is actually a creature who evolved from Lister's cat. He is, being a cat, the best dressed entity in the galaxy. Totally shallow and self centered, he's obsessed with fashion, being cool, looking great and making sure that he has lots of beauty sleep.

He doesn't actually have a name - Lister decided to call him "the Cat" after he and Rimmer found him, three million years after the accident that wiped out the crew.

Lister's pregnant cat, Frankenstein, had been safely sealed in the hold when the radiation killed off everyone on board, so the cat and her kittens were safe. Over the three million years, their race grew and evolved. Near the end of the three million years, two religious factions left Red Dwarf in search of the Promised Land - Fruchal (Fiji). Only a few remained, the Cat's parents and an old priest. His parents died, and the Cat was left. He is now, after the death of the priest, the last known survivor of his race - felis sapiens.

[ Can he dance! ] The Cat's religion said that the holy mother of their race was Frankenstein, who had been saved by Cloister (or Clister, depending on the faction) the Stupid. Cloister was their god. It was said that he would return and take them to the Promised Land, where they'd set up a hot dog stand and wear funny paper hats.

It was lucky that the Cat wasn't very religious - he finally met his people's god who, well, didn't exactly measure up to standards.

The Cat lives on the ship, content with his hold-full of many tailored, flashy and good looking suits, his multiple full-length mirrors and hoping to eventually find a small group of girls (say seven or eight) to settle down with.

The Cat agrees that these are his best features:

"You're totally egocentric, you flee at the first sign of trouble, you only look after Number One, you're vain, you're selfish, you're narcissistic and you're self-obsessed."

[ The Cat wearing a pink suit ] [ The Cat attempting to be incognito ]

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