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[ Kryten ] Name: Kryten 2X4B 523P
Rank: Service Mechanoid Series 4000
Status: Mechanoid

Played by: Robert Llewellyn

Kryten, a mechanoid created by Diva-Droid International, was never one of the original crew - he was picked up from a derelict ship called the Nova 5. At that time, he had a little bit of trouble with his programming - all he wanted to do was serve. Lister did his best to help him break out of it, to become a rebel ... and it ended up with Kryten flying off on a space bike and smashing himself (and the bike) to bits!

Later on Lister repaired him, and now Kryten looks after the 'boys' from the Red Dwarf, and carries out his cleaning duties with great relish. He still lives to serve ... and his secret fantasy is to clean! His only vice is to occasionally watch an mechanoid soap opera called 'Androids'.

One of the more interesting, if confusing and depressing, part of Kryten's life was when he, once, briefly turned into a human. He did not enjoy having something he described as having the 'last chicken in the shop look', nor was he pleased that his nipples didn't tune into the radio or control his bodily temperature. And he was most upset that human eyes didn't have a 'zoom' function. Thankfully, that sad tale is far behind him.

[ Kryten, looking depressed ] Life for Kryten was going along quite well ... until a parallel universe Kristine Kochanski entered his life. The two got along like cats and dogs!

Jealous that Kristine would steal Lister away (though it doesn't seem very likely from anyone else's point of view), Kryten is letting a darker side of his nature show - he will do almost ANYTHING to keep the two apart... even going so far as to lead the crew on a wild goose chase while the ship heads into danger, just to keep Kristine from having a bath in Lister's room!

Other than this, Kryten, his three spare heads, various spare limbs and other bodily attachments have made themselves at home with the crew, doing (and loving) all of the menial chores that the others wouldn't even deign to think about.

"I haven't got the software to cope with this! I was created to serve - I serve, therefore I am! That is my purpose - to serve and have no regard for myself."

[ Kryten and his first love, Camille ] [ Kryten standing up ]

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