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Arnold J. Rimmer

[ Rimmer, in his green uniform ] Name: Arnold Judas Rimmer
Rank: First Officer
Status: Hologram

Played by: Chris Barrie

Lister's dead superior and bunk mate. He died in the radiation leak that killed off the rest of the crew of Red Dwarf, and was brought back by Holly, the ship's computer, to help keep Lister sane.

[ Rimmer in bike riding gear ]
[ Rimmer with Lister ]
The problem with this arrangement is ... Rimmer and Lister were not exactly the best of friends. Lister things that Rimmer is a complete smeg head. Rimmer thinks that Lister is an utter slob. They tend to spend most of their time insulting each other. Though Rimmer _does_ keep Lister sane - driving Rimmer crazy is the only thing that keeps Lister going!

Hate each other as they may, Holly was right:

"Jean-Paul Sartre said, 'Hell was being locked forever in a room with your friends.'"

Apart from all this, Rimmer actually has the potential to become the most liked, the coolest, the smartest, the most skilled and the sexiest guy in all the known (and unknown) multiverses.

Despite the fact that he enjoys hammond organ music... despite the fact that he loves things of such interest as 20th century telegraph poles and morris dancing... and despite the fact that he's quite petty and always wants to go by the book, he has the potential to be Ace Rimmer!

With all Rimmer's bitterness, snidiness and negativity (from his bad childhood experiences, mostly), he can actually be a hero for a change! Not a sad git, not someone that everyone love to hate - he can be a man who everyone looks up to!

[ Rimmer, all chained up and oiled ] [ Rimmer in bed with Nirvanah Crane ] [ Rimmer and his True Love ] [ Close up of Rimmer - Yummy ] [ Nice shot of Rimmer, chest up (and naked!) ]

Rimmer's sex appeal quote... Mmmmmm...

The Rimmer Munchkin Song!
Text version of The Rimmer Munchkin Song!

[ Rimmer and Mr Flibble! ]

[ Rimmer (looking evil) and evil Mr Flibble ] [ Rimmer from Me^2 ] [ Close up of Rimmer ] [ Rimmer on his bike ] [ Nice grey scale picture of the male and female Rimmers ] [ Ace Rimmer, looking at you! ]

Many thanks to Lydia Crowe for some of the Rimmer images!

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