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The First Time - He was in Need of her Touch...

by Caroline Seawright
February 1, 2001


The First Time - He was in Need of her Touch...

My first response to a challenge, this is my 55 word story for Beatrice Liu's 55 word challenge! Enjoy. ^_^

He slunk into the room.

"Undress and lie down, I'll be back." She smiled routinely and left...

Returning, scented oils dripping from her hands, she started... Sliding them over his skin, his body... Moans of pleasure escaped his lips.

Too soon it was over. Ashamed, embarrassed... he paid and left.

The aromatherapy massage was over.

Seawright, C , The First Time - He was in Need of her Touch..., Short Story, <>.

Well, I thought it was amusing. ^_^

(Plus, I *love* massages... the longer, the better! Especially the relaxation ones with all those yummy, scented essential oils...)

Tell me what you think... was it too obvious, from the start what he was doing? Or did you get it before the 'punch line' as it were? Comments and feedback are very welcome!!

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