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ANT3KAM Essay: The Practice of Polyandry

by Caroline Seawright
Year 3 Essay for Kinship, Gender And Marriage at LaTrobe University, July 2014.


Polyandry, deriving from the Greek, poly ("many") and andros ("men"), refers to a simultaneous pair bond between one female with multiple males. In humans, this pair bond specifically refers to a culturally endorsed, normative marriage practice (Cassidy & Lee 1989, p. 1-2; Starkweather 2010, p. 3). Starkweather adds that, in this rare marriage type, "the simultaneous bond of one woman to more than one man in which all parties involved have sexual rights and economic responsibilities towards each other and towards any children that may result from the union" (2010, p. 12). There is no known society which practices polyandry as its only form of marriage (Trevithick 1997, p. 156).

The Practice of Polyandry

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