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ARC1AAC Essay: Describe how the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza was Built

by Caroline Seawright
Year 1 Essay for Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations at LaTrobe University, Oct 2009.


The Great Pyramid of pharaoh Khufu was built in the 4th Dynasty on the Giza plateau. A number of mysteries surround the Great Pyramid as there are no records detailing how the monument was actually built, yet the archaeological record has left some clues. The workforce of the pharaoh was made up of normal Egyptians who worked together under the guidance of ancient specialists, to produce an everlasting memorial to their king. Great care was taken in the alignment of the pyramid, aligning it with amazing precision by the northern stars. The labourers moved giant stones across the land, using a combination of external and internal ramps. They steadied the stone turning rooms of the internal ramp with thick courses, allowing the Egyptians to raise the stones up the dizzying heights of the Great Pyramid. Working together, the ancients built for eternity.

Describe how the Pyramid of Khufu at Giza was Built

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