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ARC3AAR Site Report: A Bronze Age Cypriot House in Melbourne

by Caroline Seawright
Year 3 Site Report for Approaches to Archaeological Research at LaTrobe University, December 2014.


The La Trobe University "Teaching Archaeological Research Discipline In Simulation" (TARDIS) is a simulated excavation based on one devised by the University of Queensland (Cosgrove, Frankel & Thomas 2013, p. 44). Created in 2009, the TARDIS offers students the chance to undertake an excavation under the direction of La Trobe Archaeology staff during the Approaches to Archaeological Research subject. Now in its sixth year, the subject teaches students research, ethics, analysis, project management skills, and provides hands-on experience. The TARDIS is a wooden construction measuring 5x5m, with a 4.72x4.72m interior, which contained a sequence of archaeological layers, covering Plio-Pleistocene Africa, Pleistocene Australia, Natufian Jordan, Neolithic China, Bronze Age Cyprus, Mayan Mesoamerica and Historical Australia, separated from each other by red scoria (Cosgrove, Frankel & Thomas 2013, p. 45). The 2014 excavations focussed on the Bronze Age Cyprus layer.

A Bronze Age Cypriot House in Melbourne

Seawright, C , A Bronze Age Cypriot House in Melbourne, Articles by Caroline Seawright, < kunoichi/themestream/ ARC3AAR.html>.

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