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ARC3AIV Essay: The Nature of Aboriginal Past in Victoria

by Caroline Seawright
Year 3 Essay for Archaeology of Indigenous Victoria at LaTrobe University, February 2013.


Contrary to the opinion that the Aboriginal past was one of an unchanging way of life, the archaeological evidence reveals a wide variety of past lifestyles within Victoria. This paper will cover various reasons as to why archaeology is a good tool for understanding the past. The cultural aspect of anthropology (ethnography) (Kelly & Thomas 2012, p. 23), and historical records from an ethnographic perspective (ethnohistorical accounts), can assist to understand this variety, but in and of themselves they cannot provide a guide to Victoria's entire indigenous past. Without archaeology, the rich variations of the different indigenous peoples of south-eastern Australia would never have come to light. It is thus clear that archaeological data is the key to understanding Victoria's varied and changing indigenous past, with anthropological data being carefully used as an interpretive tool.

The Nature of Aboriginal Past in Victoria

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