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Akane hits Ranma all the time, right?

by Caroline Seawright


Ranma and Akane

Warning: There may be spoilers for people who have not finished reading Ranma 1/2 below.

I'm sure you've seen those anti-Akane people on the 'net. The type who say "I hate Akane, 'cause she's a psycho butch (insults to go here). She beats up Ranma all the time." Often followed by "Ranma should dump the (insult) and go out with (other character name here)!"

Taking a small sample of Ranma 1/2 manga, I shall attempt to dispel the myth: That Akane Hits Ranma All the Time.

This list includes all the comic relief hits (most of them are just for laughs for the audience), as well as more serious efforts:

Manga 28:

pg 64, pg 67 - Kumou Ryuu story
0 times - Ranma's tears story

Manga 29:

0 times - Kunou's Phoenix story
pg 48, pg 97, pg 98 - Rink and Pink story
pg 127 - Evil oni story
0 times - Nabiki's date story

Manga 30:

0 times - Akari's intro
0 times - Genma's hair story
pg 92 - Hinako's fighting fish story
0 times - Kunou's cherry tree story
pg 142 (to save Ranma), pg 146 (to save Ranma) - Happi's Fever story
0 times - Cursed spatula story

Manga 31:

0 times - Rakkyousai story
0 times - Ryouga's lucky day story
pg 92 - Love umbrella story
0 times - Hinako's Swimming story
0 times - Cold noodle story
pg 64 - Cursed doll story
0 times - Aloha Disease story

Manga 32:

0 times - Tarou and Rouge story
pg 106 - Asuka the White Lily story
pg 132, pg 135, pg 156, pg 167-179 (a REAL battle going on between Ranma and Akane, not just comic relief) - Akane's dougi story

Manga 33:

0 times - Densuke story
0 times - Kasumi's anger story
pg 45, pg 75 (*giggle*) - Age mushroom story
pg 109 - Shampoo-ojizou story
0 times - Horse at the shrine story
0 times - Nodoka at the hot spring story
0 times - Hayato story

Manga 34:

pg 12 - Teppoumame plant story
pg 27, pg 31, pg 32 - Valentine's Day story
0 times - Hinako the delinquent story
pg 74, pg 77, pg 86, pg 87, pg 98, pg 99, pg 106, pg 111 - Bust battle story
pg 154, pg 157, pg 158, pg 163, pg 164 (all done while Akane was asleep) - Akane's dreams story
pg 177 - Hohoemi San Nen Goroshi story

Manga 35:

pg 20, pg 25, pg 35 - Ranma's clone story
0 times - Nabiki's Vengeance
pg 97, pg 111, pg 125 - Konatsu intro
pg 170, pg 172 - Names on the bamboo story

Manga 37:

pg 11, pg 47 - Final story - part 1

Manga 38:

0 times - Final story - part 2

So that's about 157 hits in 112 story arcs, a lot of which Akane didn't hit Ranma at all.

In this one, where she did hit Ranma a lot, it was because of jealousy, because they were having a real fight, because of her dreams (so I'd take that as 152 in 110), and because of Ranma running in on her half naked, and teasing her about the size of her breasts.

But, maybe someone should count up how many times Akane is nice to Ranma, and how many times Ranma is mean to Akane? But I have a list of the amount of times Akane's risked her life to try to save Ranma:

Phoenix pill story - Akane tried to save Ranma from drowning (forgetting that she couldn't swim)

Rink and Pink story - Akane gives up the replacement paper doll and makes Ranma use it, so he's saved from the poisonous plants.

Final Story - Akane gets herself vapourised turning off the water so that Saffron couldn't kill Ranma.

Final Story - The Akane doll gives herself up to make the opening Ranma needs to defeat Saffron.

Also, Akane is often found next to Ranma's bed, looking after him after he gets beaten up a lot, or is hurt, and she also bandages his wounds... She is also seen hugging with Ranma a lot, especially after about manga 25... and she also almost kisses him many times. (Oh, they're all so sweet!)

Here's a small list of the sweet stuff between Ranma and Akane:

Manga 25: At the end of the stuff with Herb, Akane throws herself into Ranma's arms and hugs him because she missed him and was worried and was so happy to have him back.

Manga 31: In the love umbrella story, Ranma and Akane think they're under the umbrella, and get all flushed and shy and wondering what to say ... Aww, it's so cute ...

Manga 32: Akane gets lured by Ranma into a cupboard where he wanted to seduce her into getting rid of the dougi (the outfit that gives her her full potential at fighting). But he changes his mind when he sees how happy she is at being with him, feeling guilty about what he wanted to do. He starts to tell her what he was going to do, but Soun and Genma throw fake snakes and spiders at Akane, scaring her so she jumps into Ranma's arms. Ranma holds her and they both do the blushing thing, then go to kiss... and the dougi slams the door open and that stops that!

Manga 32: At the end, Ranma catches Akane, destroying the dougi in the process, but they land on a park bench, Akane in Ranma's lap. Akane asks to stay like this for a while, and Ranma wants to, too.

Manga 34: Akane drags Ranma into a room, trying to warn him that his mother is in the house. She sees Nodoka's sleeve sticking out from the cupboard door and realises that she's in there. She jumps up and turns off the light, then moves to him and puts her hand over his mouth and then makes 'shh'ing sounds. Ranma, of course, thinks that she's taken him there, to a secluded room, with the lights off for another reason. He blushingly takes her in his arms... they both do the blushing thing and Ranma bends down to kiss her... then Akane screams out in warning because Nodoka's there behind him, her sword draws. And that ends that almost-kiss!

Manga 34: Later on, Nodoka wants Ranma to peek on Akane in the bath to proves that he isn't a pervert(!) ... He eventually ends up in the bathroom, and is too gentlemanly too look, but Akane gets out of the bath and forces him to look at her... But she's in a set of bathers! Ranma, of course, is rather deflated by that. (Nothing even remotely like a kiss, but I thought it was funny)

Manga 34: In another part, Akane dreams that she's a princess and Ranma is the prince that comes to save her. In her dream, he tries to make her his ('Princess, I can't help myself any more' or words to that affect). As she sleeps, she punches the awake Ranma, who happened to be standing next to her, away saying something to the affect that he's too eager. But the look on her face is the look of a girl who wants that to happen but had to play hard to get... and not wanting him to stop!

Manga 38: Akane wanting to marry Ranma of her own free will.

Not to mention all of that last part in the ending manga where Ranma's holding Akane, who he thinks is dead. That's so sweet... ^_^

Hopefully these will help to dissuade people from believing that Akane beats up Ranma all the time. She does hit him, sometimes... but it's nowhere near the amount of times that people believe it to be!

For more information, see: - This has the Wheres, Whats and Whys of arguments/fights/insults between Ranma and Akane. (Mine is just Akane hitting Ranma in one form or another.)

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2000 - present

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