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Camarilla Road Trip - Melbourne to Adelaide

by Caroline Seawright


Getting up before 6am is a pain, but there is no point in sleeping when you've got to get up at 6.15am anyway, to get ready for a road trip and start picking up people. So, tired though I was, on Friday 19th December I managed to get to Roger and Elizabeth by about 7am, then to Michael before 7.30am. At least we all live the same side of Melbourne!

Getting to Euan's took longer than expected, and we finally arrived by about 8.30am. Then we had to get to Shaun's house, where he and Andrew were. Ugh, that was a fun journey. I have no idea when we left Shaun's house for the start of the journey, but it had to be close to 10am!

Being a new driver, and a P-plater still, I gave up driving at Horsham (our lunch stop for the day) with a sore back and shoulders, and lovely Elizabeth took the driving over. And she drove the rest of the way, and we finally reached Adelaide by 7pm! (That's 6:30pm, Adelaide time.)

Collapsing then and there would have been nice, after we got into our nice apartments and picked which apartment and which beds we wanted. But no, we all had to eat, then had Simon's party to attend! Not to mention to wait for those lazy people who flew - Mandy, Nic, Ross and Sharon, I'm talking to you! (I'm jealous, okay!!)

Dinner was indeed followed by drinking when meeting some of the Adelaide players. It was good to finally meet two of the Brujah players I'd been communicating with over e-mail for ages past, and to see Kristian again, my partial slave! ^_^

The next day was good, with decent weather as opposed to the rain that we'd had Friday night. Sunny, hot. I wanted to go to the beach, but apparently there were too many who didn't want to go near water or something, so we ended up going to breakfast then a park instead. Adelaide is a very quiet place, I've got to say. It was a nice, lazy afternoon. Sleep would have gone down well, but....

No sleep as that would mean not getting to go to the Camarilla game that evening! It was entertaining, I've got to say that, though I didn't actually get to talk to too many of the Adelaide characters. (Maybe next time Kathleen will be more happy and act more like her normal self! Ah, well...) I shouldn't write about the game itself, as that might spoil it all for others who should find out ICly ... but it was fun! I even got to help ST as some bad guys, woot! That was a first!

And finally to the pub again! Though I was soooooo tired by then, I only had a few drinks. But for some reason, I decided to stay up way too late anyway, before Michael decided to drive us back to the apartment. I've no idea when the others returned, but it was while I was fast asleep, I can tell you that. I knew I couldnt' survive the trip home on Sunday without sleep.

So yes, we had to leave on the Sunday. By the time everyone was up and ready to leave the apartment, it was midday. I was told that a number of people had eaten breakfast already (before going to bed! I believe the term is 'Softer than Mandy and Elizabeth'?) and that Euan had gone. But we all went off to eat brunch together before we all had to go our seperate ways. And so some time early afternoon Michael, Roger, Elizabeth, Shaun, Andrew and I set off on the drive home to Melbourne.

I guess leaving so late in the day was a bit of a silly idea, but we all made it home safe and sound, despite being sleep deprived! And after dropping Michael home, then Roger and Elizabeth off at their home, I finally managed to get home at 1.30am on Monday morning, 22nd December. (I swear, next time I'm going to fly...)

I'm not telling everything, of course, as what happens on the road trip stays on the road trip! ^_^

But the main thing was that I enjoyed it! It was good to go over and meet new people and play together in real life, not just in e-mail! So thanks to all you guys in Adelaide who let us join in on your game, and thanks to Ross as ST for putting up with us all! You never know, we might be back one day...?

Thanks go to Shaun for some of the below photos.

The below images have been cropped, so click on the thumbnails to view the full photos!

Road Trip Photographs:

Euan, myself, Michael, Andrew, Elizabeth and Roger
Euan, myself, Michael, Andrew, Elizabeth and Roger about to leave Melbourne for Adelaide!

Shaun, Michael and Euan
On the way to Adelaide - Shaun, Michael and Euan have lunch at Horsham!

Roger, Elizabeth and Andrew
Roger, Elizabeth and Andrew in Horsham's Information Centre.

Michael, Roger, myself and Elizabeth
Michael, Roger, myself and Elizabeth at my car, getting ready to leave Horsham.

Andrew, Roger, Elizabeth, Euan, Shaun and Caroline
Finally in Adelaide, enjoying a well deserved dinner.

Allan, Ross and Kristian
Allan, Ross and Kristian at Simon's Party.

Miles, Mandy and Brian
Mandy talks while Miles and Brian laugh!

Michael, Caroline and Nic
Michael hides from the camera while Nic and I laugh at him!

Euan, Sharon and Ross
Euan enjoying himself, while Sharon and Ross look on.

Nic, Caroline, Andrew, Euan, Elizabeth and Roger
The Melbourne group at one of Adelaide's Parks - Nic, me, Andrew, Euan, Elizabeth and Roger.

The Melbourne people, lazing at a park
The Melbourne group all lazing under a tree, at one of Adelaide's Parks.

Sheriff Shard, Herald of Marshal Penzance, Duvarl, Taylor, Hagen and Bulldog
The Melbourne group pre-game - Shard (Elizabeth), Penzance's Herald (Roger), Traine Duvarl (Ross), Anthony Taylor (Michael), David Hagen (Nic) and Bulldog (Euan).

Traine, Shard, Anthony, Kathleen, Herald, Ricardo, David, Bulldog and Gretchen
Traine Duvarl (Ross), Shard (Elizabeth), Anthony Taylor (Michael), Kathleen Anderson (myself), Penzance's Herald (Roger), Ricardo (Andrew), David Hagen (Nic), Bulldog (Euan) and Gretchen (Mandy).

Andrew, Mandy and Caroline
Too early in the morning - Andrew, Mandy and I.

Nic and Caroline
Still too early in the morning - Nic and I (since he ran away from the previous photo).

Andrew's impromptu photograph of me.

Ross and Sharon
On the way to breakfast - Ross and Sharon.

In Character Photographs:

The Marshal Admiral Penzance
Admiral Penzance, Marshal of the Camarilla.

Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor, sitting down and not looking too impressed.

Prince David Hagen and Primogen Kathleen Anderson
Prince David Hagen and Primogen Kathleen Anderson.

The Herald of Marshal Penzance and Seneschal Nathan Stone
The Herald of Marshal Penzance with Seneschal Nathan Stone.

Anthony Taylor and Darius Jedburg
Anthony Taylor with Sheriff Darius Jedburg.

Primogen Lachlan Keene and Kalid Kinski
Primogen Lachlan Keene and Kalid Kinski.

Primogen Duvarl, Lord Harpy Jennings, Primogen Montrose and Prince Hagen
Primogen Traine Duvarl, the Lord Harpy Weyland Jennings, Primogen Vanessa Montrose and Prince David Hagen.

Primogen Gretchen, Primogen Kathleen Anderson, Prince David Hagen and Sheriff Shard
Primogen Gretchen, Primogen Kathleen Anderson, Prince David Hagen and Sheriff Shard listening to Prince Joshua Davies' speech.

Ricardo and Scott Girst
Ricardo and Scott Girst.

Prince Joshua and Sheriff Shard
Prince Joshua Davies speaks to Sheriff Shard.

Sharn Dior and Prince David Hagen
Sharn Dior and Prince David Hagen.

Prince Hagen (smiling!) with Primogen Kathleen Anderson
>Prince David Hagen sitting with Primogen Kathleen Anderson.

The obligatory big fighting scene
The end of the night - the obligatory big fight!

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2003 - present

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