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Caroline Seawright - Online Author

by Caroline Seawright


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I am Caroline Seawright (also known as 'Kunoichi' or 'Kun-chan' for short), and my website is

I work as Project Manager - Internet Presence for The JRD Group of Companies.

Why not check out the websites and follow the social media accounts for The JRD Group of Companies, for which I am responsible?

"Part time student, worker and traveller, Egyptology and culture lover, and archaeologist in training!"

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Archaeology at LaTrobe University.

Here you can find my fanfiction and original stories, photos and my short Red Dwarf section:

I've written a short HTML guide for those intereseted in learning HTML.

I'd love to see the world! Some of the places I've visited include:

Jodi Brunner, Master of Feng Shui
I love the Japanese tea ceremony... and I quite enjoy wearing Japanese footwear (along with a kimono and obi, of course), too. One day, I'd loved to go and see Kyoto and Tokyo and all over Japan and the geisha and taikomochi and the onsens and the ryoukan and the temples and everything! And, of course, Egypt.

I also have a special fondness for Egyptology. I've even started a column (which is being featured in the History section on Themestream and my articles appear on on this topic.

My Egyptian Hieroglyph Lessons and Egyptology Column articles can be found on my Writings page.

I am also a Christian - I am a Baptist (compared to what I've heard of American Baptists, we're pretty liberal! I mean, we (the 18+ people) wear jeans and casual wear to church on Sunday mornings!) and go to Beaumaris Baptist Church. I was baptised there on Feb 12th 2006.

I like aromatherapy (massages, essential oils for the burners, things like that), and one scent that I wish they'd make into an essential oil would be Christmas Tree scent! (I love Christmas!)

I also do RPGing ... I haven't actually written any articles about that, but here's some about Arcarnacon and Conquest, the Melbourne RPG conventions I have been to! I also used to play in the Camarilla LARP, and have been on a road trip to a Cama game in Adelaide! But now, I am involved in the live action role-playing group, Caligo Mundi. I have been intereviewed in a news article about live action role playing in Caligo Mundi, and there is also a PDF of the newspaper article itself.

I have a small amount of recipes online, too: Chocolate Fondue, French Chocolate Candies, Scottish Tablet and Kunoichi's Spiced Cashew Rice.

One of my favourite authors is Robert Jordan, who writes The Wheel of Time series. I'm interested in finding out who killed Asmodean, since the author himself refused to say...

I've written various stories (many of which are for mature readers) which can be found on my personal web site. They are mostly anime-based, but there is also a Red Dwarf fic. British comedies are cool - have a look at The Goodies, too! I've met Gillian Anderson from the X-Files! (Well... close enough - you'll see what happened when you read the article!) I've also got an X-Files Writing Challenge happening, so why not enter it? Here's my entry - Vyolasyon!

One site that I like to use, which has lasted at least a decade, is RewardsCentral (former EmailCash Australia). Even now, I occasionally get rewards from them. Crossing fingers they keep it up!

Other subjects include a review of Alex Chiu's 'Immortality' Rings, the movie Silver Dragon Ninja and the webcoming Sinfest, an introduction to Japanese romaji (English letters), and my attempt at Wing Chun, and my wondering about online females, real life males.

Mitsy RIP 29/03/05

Mitsy, when she was young Mitsy, looking well at Christmas time Mitsy, on her bed at Christmas Pippa and Mitsy together, Mitsy not doing well Pippa and Mitsy on Mitsy's bed Mitsy, wrapped up and on her bed, in the back of the car on the way to the vet Mitsy, looking around on the way to the vet A close up of Mitsy Mitsy, getting lifted out of the car The last photo of our poor Mitsy, at the vets

Pippa RIP 15/03/08

Pippa as a kitten, playing with a keyring Pippa as king of the castle on his throne! Pippa getting a neck scritch, which he loved Pippa making his mark after the rain! Pippa playing with a 'mouse'! Pippa eating from his bowl Pippa, sleeping by the window Poor Pippa, not doing well, resting on my lap The last photo of our poor Pippa, at the vets

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2000 - present

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