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French Chocolate Candies

by Caroline Seawright


This is one that I always make for Christmas. (I love them!!) They're nice and easy to make, as the most work you have to do is to make the mixture into little balls! It would be a great one for kids to make, if you melt the chocolate for them - there is no other cooking required!

It's great stuff, if you're a sweet tooth... and you might like to try some, even if you're not. I've found it to be quite a crowd pleaser!


375g (12oz) cooking chocolate
400g can sweetened condensed milk
Few drops peppermint essence or rum to flavour
Chopped nuts of chocolate sprinkles for coating


Chop up the chocolate and melt it over hot water, or in the microwave. Add the condensed milk and blend until smooth. Put in a few drops of peppermint essence or rum, then let the mixture cool. Chill it in the fridge until it can be molded into shape.

Shape into small balls (about a teaspoon full of mixture in each ball), then roll it in the chopped nuts or sprinkles. (I then place the balls in tiny, little paper cups, which make a nice way to serve them, too!) Leave in a cool place to set, then store in airtight containers.

Makes about two and a half dozen yummy, chocolate flavoured balls.

(I could eat the whole batch myself....)

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