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It's Christmas-time again... but why?

by Caroline Seawright



Ah, it's just under a month to go till Christmas! Has everyone done their Christmas shopping? (Or whatever event is on in place of Christmas, if it requires gifts... ;p )

Well, I've only kind of started. Bought a few things, asking people what they want. The worst thing about buying gifts for people, though, isn't the shopping. It isn't the crowds. It isn't the handing over of cash. The major problem is what to by males for gifts!!

Women are easy to buy for - go to a cosmetics department of any major department store, and get her the perfume she likes the most, or a nice set of skin care products, heck even talcum powder and the like! Even some of those bath bomb things, and stuff like that.

But men are another story!

Anyway, I guess I'll be looking around the shops these next few weekends, like most other people around here...

Is this what Christmas is all about, though? Shopping? Food? Family? Friends? Scrooge turning into a nice guy? Father Christmas or Santa? Well, it's probably part of it, anyway... at least these days.

I wonder how many people actually stop to remember the reason why Christmas is celebrated (rather than WHEN it's celebrated to all you smarty pants out there who talk about it being the wrong time of year, etc!).

Christmas is not even just about a baby being born in a manger, with shepherds worshiping and wise men bringing gifts (this is why we give gifts at Christmas!) and angels singing, proclaiming that Jesus was the Son of God and peace and good will towards men. If it was just that, and only that, then it would be a nice bed time story for children to listen to and feel happy about.

What's the real point in a baby being born, and even being called the Son of God? That, in and of itself, is nothing.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ... But he was not only born - he lived (archaeological fact!) and died. He was a real person. That, too, in itself is nothing. He might have been a prophet, or a good man or someone who is good to look up to, someone worthy to be a good role model. But, again, this isn't enough to be more than a feel-good story.

It's his death, along with everything else - his birth, his life, fulfilling the prophesies - that makes this something that can speak to everyone.

At Christmas, it's also a time to remember why Jesus was born, rather than just the fact that he was born. Jesus died - tortured - and rose again (defeating death!) so that people (all people - me, you, your friends and neighbours and even people you don't like!) could find God, be forgiven of the guilt we all feel, and be able to go to heaven after this life is over...

This is a very simplified view, mind you. If you want to ask any questions, you can always go ask at a Christian church, if you have one near by... even just to see how Christians celebrate Christmas!

After all, without Jesus Christ, there would be no Christmas!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Christmas (or whatever it is you do in December), and that you find this Christmas is a time of happiness and joy, rather than stress and hurt.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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