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Do You Have Egyptian Photos?

by Caroline Seawright


Due to changes at work, I haven't had much of a chance to write any more articles for my site. Hopefully that'll change some time, soon. Does anyone have any requests? If so, !

Anyway, I am writing this to see if anyone has some Egyptian photos that they would like to let me use on my site (with the appropriate copyright, of course!).

I would love to be able to replace some of my current images of the Egyptian deities with better ones, or to have some photos of the less well represented deities (Shezmu springs to mind). You can have a look through my articles at my Egyptology Column and see what photos I do (or do not!) have.

Please contact me, along with your © details, at:





Egyptology Articles by Caroline Seawright

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Thank you, in advance! It will be appreciated.

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2002 - present

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