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RewardsCentral (former EmailCash Australia)

by Caroline Seawright


I haven't used RewardsCentral in quite some time, and I have only recently come back to it.

I actually got a $25 cheque from them once! So it really did work, and as it's still alive (over a year later), the people running the site must be doing something right!

I think it's because they are focusing on getting members to buy through the Reward Partners. It might not have Safeway or Coles there, so you can't do _all_ of your shopping online... but they do have a nice range of partners.

And, amazingly, you can get points not _just_ by buying online! Some of their partners allow cheques to be sent, or for you to buy over the phone, or even by B-Pay!

I am going to try the sending in a cheque to Innovations... they do have a lot of crap on their site, but there is the occasional jewel that is a great gift for someone... Especially with Chrismas coming up!

But I digress. This site is, as the name suggests, for Aussies. I am not sure on their policy for handling people from other countries, but one can at least have a look and see if they do.

They also have a Flash Tour for people to look at, if they can use Flash:

Why not sign up, earn 400 points, and help me get my 200 points after you get your 400? ^_^

Or try their sister site, MyOpinions:


BTW, the best way to earn points is to go to the 'Rewards Central' page. I then play the 'Guessing Game' (haven't won yet, though maybe one day...), the 'Quick Survey', then 'Web Clicks'. This takes you to another page, so then I go back to 'Rewards Central' and check 'Rewards Pending' to see if there are any mails to read, any referrals (I don't know most of mine, so I can't help them!), and any Surveys.

You use 'Exchange' when you have 100 points. I'd suggest going to 'Open Market Exchange' in this section, because you get 100 points - $1. The 'Weekly Exchange' sucks - you normally get under $1 for 100 points. It's only if you are really luck that you get over $1. But you can try it anyway, try them both. I like exchanging 100 points for $1, though. (Ie. Quantity: $1, Price: 100). You need the money for spending from the Catalogue. I got a cheque for $25 from them once, a long time ago. (I haven't used it for a year!)

But anyway, go to your info (right on the top right of your page, in the purple section, where it talks about your points, cash, etc) and click on the word 'Exp' up there. There is a section talking about 'Exp Statement'. Try to get ticks in the section there - I have done 'Successfully trade on the Weekly Exchange, 'Successfully trade on the Open Market Exchange', 'Read an EmailCash Reward Mail email', 'Post a Classified ad' (You need $1 to do this), 'Order an EmailCash cheque' (You need a lot of money to do that) and 'EmailCash 20 Question Quiz'.

Do the Quiz. While doing the quiz, you can open another window and search for the answers on the EmailCash site - there are all there. You get a number of points for doing this quiz.

Oh, and go to 'Magazine' and submit some stuff! You might get points for doing that, AND you'll get in the magazine, too!

BTW, you might get poitns for looking at the 'Classifieds' section - just look at some of the little adverts, and you might get 5 points or so, though I think this is a prize, and you might not always get it.

Some Tips for getting Referrals from EMC

Instead of just using banners to link to EmailCash from your Web site, write a personal recommendation and link it to EmailCash with your special referral link. Studies have shown that text links in context are far more effective than banners when it comes to referral programs.

Drive more traffic to your Web site. That way you'll be getting a higher click-through on your referral link and more successful referrals.

Test the referral links from your Web site. Wondering why you haven't made any referrals yet? Maybe you're using the incorrect URL to refer members. Test it yourself and see if your Membership ID shows up in the referrer's ID part of the join form.

Use an email signature file to promote EmailCash in all emails that you send. Include your referral link and a short description of EmailCash in a signature file that gets appended to every email you send. See your email program's help pages for information on how to do this.

The auto email above is great to use, however an email recommendation written in your own words will have a much greater effect, as people can usually sense whether you wrote something yourself or not.

Network in the real world! Print on a business card sized slip a brief description of the EmailCash program, the Web address, and your referral details (Membership ID or full referral link), and distribute the cards to interested friends and contacts.

Target your message. If your friends are interested in charity, they might be interested in EmailCash charity donations. Savers might like the EmailCash eBank concept. Online shoppers will welcome the EmailCash shopping rewards. This applies to your Web site too. Think about what kind of people visit your site. Tailor your message to your audience and increase your referrals.

The last two tips came from J. Collins, VIC, who was awarded 500 points for her excellent suggestions.


Good luck earning 400 points! (That gives me 200 points...)

If you sign anyone up, you can forward these tips to them, so this helps them earn you 200 points, too.

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2002 - present

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