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To the Land of the West

by Caroline Seawright
October 29, 2000


The sun sets; orange, yellow red.
It floods over the desert sands,
Illuminating the Pyramids,
Covering them with gold.

A cool evening breeze
Meanders aimlessly around me,
Carrying the sharp smell of the Nile.

The first stars twinkle into life,
The desert is still.

Coolness creeps into my bones.
I pull my wrap tighter.
The last rays of Ra fade,
Leaving only the beams of Thoth to guide me.

Silvery light shines all around,
Washing over me.

The sands change,
Turning into silver.

The silence is complete, smothering.
I am alone.

But there is a presence.
I feel it with my heart and soul.
I look up into the star-studded velvet of the night.

Nut. Her beauty is overwhelming.
I succumb to her -
Her cold beauty.

Seawright, C , To the Land of the West, Poetry, <>.

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