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Little Known Ranma Characters

by Caroline Seawright


Here is a small list of a few of the less well known Ranma 1/2 characters. They are all from the manga (comic version), rather than the anime.

He is one of the four Nikuman beings who try to steal Ranma's dragon whisker. (Their heads are shaped like various food thingies, one being called 'Niku', 'An' (because his head is shapend like Anpan Man)...)

Densuke & Densuke's Mother
The sick boy in the hospital who doesn't want to take medicine and his mother (of course!) - the mother's pretty ugly and has giant lips.

The little miner who taught Ryouga the Shishihoukoudan.

The old man who's dying. He wants to go on one date with the woman who looks exactly like his girlfriend did, when he was young.

Hayato Myojin
Ukyou's childhood rival. He does takoyaki (octopus balls) and was forced, as a child, to wear a mask due to losing a duel with Ukyou (takoyaki vs okonomiyaki... I'll take okonomiyaki any day!)

That's the Japanese word for 'phoenix', so the houoh would be the phoenix on Kunou's head.

Jizou Shampoo
That's the statue (ojizou is the statue that people pray to, especially about children that have been aborted, I believe...) that granted Mousse a wish, since he gave it an offering (the scarf), and to him, it looked exactly like Shampoo and came alive.

One of Konatsu's ugly step-sisters.

One of the Phoenix Mountain people - one of the two guys who go along with Kiima (the Phoenix Mountain girl) to Nerima.

Konatsu's ugly step mother.

Konatsu's other ugly step-sister.

Yotarou's way of saying 'mother' ('Mama' with an 'n' at the end). So, this would be Yotarou's mother!

Bake-neko, the ghost cat.

The other Phoenix Mountan male.

Girl who fell into pool of drowned Ashura - she hates Pantsuto Tarou, since she believes him to be a pervert.

Leader of the Phoenix Mountain people.

This is the weird horse who was a sacred animal of a shrine that was selling 'ema' (good luck icons) with pictures of the animal on it.

Yohyo Tsuruyasennen
A man who owns a bathing resort. He's got all these girls on his island, and he's looking for a specific female...

The boy who's always in bed, and wanting a panda otherwise he wouldn't ever go outside.

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