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Online Females, Real Life Males

by Caroline Seawright


I don't get it.

Why would a guy want to go online and pretend to be a female?

I've been using MUCKs for over six years. (Like a chat board, but better! Like a MUD, but better! Characters, rooms, descriptions, chatting and role playing all combined in glorious text!) The most obvious thing that I've noticed from my MUCK usage has been the fact that the MUCKs seem to be overpopulated with males playing female characters.

In fact, when some of my male friends used the MUCK, they played females. They're the same ones who play the female characters on Street Fighter and other arcade or Play Station games.

I don't think that they don't like being male. I think that they just like cute girls. That's fair enough. But why would a guy want to be a female online?

Some, obviously, do it because they want to get out of themselves while role playing.

They're the type who play for the sake of the game. Maybe the party needs a female to balance it out. Maybe they just want to try out something different. Maybe they're just good at acting like a girl! I know one of the guys at my real life RPG sessions just has a flare for playing girls, and he sees it as nothing but a little fun.

Having fun is something I can quite easily understand. I find it hard to play outside myself... but others can do so easily. There's no problem with that.

I've attempted to role playing a guy. I just found that I don't really like it that much... So I stick to female characters.

There is a major difference in the way online males and online females get treated, though. For one of the story lines on the MUCK, my female character was turned into a male for a little while. It was so weird. All these people who I'd known for a while, who knew that I was female in real life (and a 'real' female online) started treating me different. People weren't as friendly. They were stand-off-ish. I felt somewhat alienated, and was glad when my character reverted to being female. Maybe that's why guys play females. Acceptance?

The group that I find most difficult to understand are the guys who play females online to get some online sex.

Note, mind you, these are the one who go out of their way to get a character specifically for the purpose of online sex.

Now that, I don't understand. No, not the online sex bit. Human nature being what it is, and all, people often play around with that... even if they never meant to. It often ends up happening.

The part that I don't understand is that the guys who play the online females often target other online females.

Why target online females if you're playing a girl? Why not target guys, if you must have online sex as the major reason for being online at all?

I mean, not every online female character can be a lesbian!!

(I remember one MUCK - the long dead and gone SpiritMUCK - was called 'LesbianMUCK' by those who visited it. Why? Because everyone bar two couples were female-female pairings! Now that was just way over the top!)

What's that all about? The regular fantasy that guys seem to have, about two girls having it off together, I suppose. (As a side note, isn't it amusing how most of the guys who love that are revolted by the thought of two guys together?)

Fair enough, I guess. A popular male fantasy, it seems.

But I don't get how they overlook the obvious - that the online female that they're typing eroticisms with is, in actuality, another real life male!

So... despite the fact of a guy wanting female-female action, what he's really getting is some hot male-male action. Do the guys ever stop to think that they're getting another male off? Or would the thought of making another male 'type one handed' so gross that it'd put them off playing female characters for life?!

Whatever the reason, there's a huge population of males out there, playing female characters online for the specific purpose of having online sex with another female character. And I just don't understand it!

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2000 - present

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