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Kunoichi's Spiced Cashew Rice

by Caroline Seawright


This isn't quire a recipe, really, but I quite enjoyed what I threw together for my lunch today! Here's what I did, for one:


Bit of Butter
Handful of Rice
Some Hot Water
Pinch of Garlic Granules
Pinch of Curry Powder
Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
Pinch of Black Pepper
Pinch of Paprika
Pinch of Mustard Powder
Handful of Cashews
Handful of Turkey Pieces - Optional


Put a pot (with a lid) on the stove at the 'low' setting, and melt the butter. Put the rice in the pot to toast a little, using a wooden spoon to stir the rice, so none burns. After a few moments, the rice should start to turn a little bit brown.

Pour in a little hot water, just to cover the rice. Add all of your ingredients, to taste - add any spices you like, but the ones above were the ones I put in today. If you don't like any of them, don't add them! It's an 'as you like it' way of adding herbs and spices - if you like it, put it in! (Though I've avoided 'sweet' spices.)

Toss in the cashews and turkey (or other meat products - chicken, ham, etc... or none, for that matter - it can be a vegetarian dish! Cashews are good on their own!) and pour in a little more hot water, to just cover the ingredients.

Stir thoroughly, then cover the pot with the lid.

Leave the stove on 'low' for five minutes. Check to see if the water has evaporated. If not, stir and put the lid back on for two minutes. Do this until there is little or no water remaining in the pot.

Taste test the rice, making sure that it's not hard. If so, put in a little more water, and repeat the two minute process.

When done, serve on a plate and enjoy!

(I save the cashews for last - yum!)

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2001 - present

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