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Alex Chiu's 'Immortality' Rings Diary

by Caroline Seawright


Thanks for the hits to help me get a pair of the rings, everyone!

I received my Alex Chiu's 'Immortality' Rings through the mail one week ago today, so here is my weekly 'diary' about how I've been feeling while I've been wearing the rings each night.

When I got to bed, I wore them for the first time, checking that I followed the instructions - One ring on one hand should have the + up, the other on the other hand should have the + down.

Week 1

Night 12/09/2001:
I didn't really notice anything, other than how weird they felt on my fingers. There may have been some tingling, but that might have just been because it felt so strange to wear the rings. They're not exactly your run-of-the-mill jewelry. They're plastic (a lot of plastic!) with magnets on them. The plastic looks like it's the colour of the green glow-in-the-dark stuff when the lights are turned on! But thankfully they don't glow in the dark. (Though that would be kinda cool...)

I didn't really notice too much difference in waking up, though it seemed like I had a night of good sleep, at least. No scars have been miraculously cleared up (my sister owns a cat...) and at the moment, I still have tight muscles along my shoulders and neck. I should book in for a massage... But by 11am, I was back to feeling my normal feelings of tiredness - sleepy eyes and wanting to go to bed. I was still tired by the time I finished work for the day. *yawn* It took a little while to fall asleep, not nothing out of the ordinary, though I did feel like how I have done sometimes in the past - like how I feel just before it seems as if I was going to 'float' out of my body. It's happened many times without the rings, though.

This morning there was nothing really noticeable, either. I did wake somewhat early, though, and the rings were still on my fingers. I was tired, and my shoulder and neck muscles were still tight and very uncomfortable. I'm pretty stressed by the horrible events in America (I have many American - and New York-ian! - friends), and the rings aren't doing a single thing about that, at the moment. I'm somewhat depressed, and have been since I saw what happened on tv... *sigh* I went to bed, with the rings on, and slept.

I managed to sleep in and got up around 9am or so. I was feeling fine, but still no scars or anything had magically disappeared! I headed out by 10am for a day in the city - yum cha (dim sum for the Americans out there!) a Hong Kong movie and wandering the city. It was good to be out with friends and have a laugh and a good time, to escape from the news and things for a while. I still had tense shoulder and neck muscles, though. By the time I got to bed, I didn't really nothing anything out of the normal. I put the rings on and went to sleep without too much trouble.

I was woken around 9am this morning, but (unusual for me), I managed to fall asleep again (while still wearing the rings). I eventually woke around 11am or 11:30am, so I wasn't really tired or anything. There was nothing out of the ordinary that happened - still the tense muscles and whatnot - so (after a night out to see a band, though it wasn't a late night) I got to bed after arriving home. It was probably around 11pm when I got to bed, but I was still awake at 1am. I don't know what time I fell asleep.

I didn't sleep well last night, or it was due to the small bout of insomnia that I had... but when I woke up, I was dead tired. I've been tired all day. At about 3pm, I started to get one of those vague headaches that felt like it'll turn into a full-blown headache any time. The rings haven't stopped either the tiredness or the headache. By the time work finished for the day, I had to take pain killers for the headache. After a while, the Nurofen kicked in, as it always does. The ibuprofen in it does better than the codine in Panadine, I've found. Thank goodness for Nurofen! (The tablets are coated with something, so they don't have the icky taste that you get with some pain killers, which is another plus!) When I got to bed, I went straight to sleep, rings on.

I was woken up this morning, but almost fell asleep again - unusual for me. But I think the radio alarm clock turn itself on, and that got me awake and out of bed. I can't say that I felt particularly tired in the morning, except during the 'waking up' period before I got ready for work. The headache from the day before wasn't there after the sleep. I didn't end up feeling particularly tired through the day, and when I did get to bed at night, I think I fell asleep almost straight away.

This morning I woke up and got straight out of bed - as per normal for a work day. I still had stress in my shoulders and neck, but not as badly as before. I guess my body is adjusting to the stress of the horror that happened in the US. No scars that the cat has made on my hands or legs have disappeared, or anything miraculous like that yet.

So, basically, after a week I haven't noticed anything unusual at all by wearing the rings. Maybe some tingly feelings around my little fingers, but that could quite easily come from just having the thick (very thick, so your fingers aren't exactly in a natural position, unlike with normal jewelry) plastic rings on my hands, making my fingers feel uncomfortable. There was no sweating or faster heartbeats, or any of the other things that people had been saying about the rings on the Testimonials that I've read.

I'll continue updating the diary each week, though... just in case!

Week 2

I woke up this morning, and wondered were on earth the rings were. I was sure that I put them on last night as I went to bed! But ... they weren't on my fingers. I turned to the bed side table... and there they were, stuck together as I'd left them yesterday morning! But I remember putting them on, turning off the light! How odd... they're on my pillow, so I hopefully won't forget tonight.

I remembered to put them on again, last night, and went to sleep with them on. I woke up this morning, and I was tired and didn't feel like going to work. I guess the really, really loud music in my sister's car (she took me to work today, which isn't normal) woke me up. There were actually some decent songs played, some music from different movies! Heh, I guess the people who heard the Ghostbuster music, while we were nearing work, must have wondered if they were caught in a time warp or something! My scars are still there, and my neck and shoulders are still feeling tight, so none of that has been fixed, yet.

I woke some time in the night, and found that one of the rings had fallen off (first time that's happened) so I found it, put it on and went back to sleep, after making sure that the rings were on correctly. When I woke up in the morning, I had the beginings of a headache (which grew). I still have fine lines around my eyes and none of the tiny cuts that I'd had beforehand have even turned into scars yet, let alone the scars disappearing. I eventually had to take some Nurofen to make the stupid headache go away, and I went to bed somewhat early because my head was still feeling rather tender. :p

I was okay when I woke up, but after a few hours I started to get a headache again. The headache just got stronger until I took some Nurofen and it faded for a number of hours. Then by dinner time, I had to take some more because it came back. I don't know what causes these stupid weekend headaches - usually I only get one headache, either on a Saturday or a Sunday, but this time I got it on both days. Today's was the worst... it's not usually two lots of Nurofen to make it go away. *sigh* My dad gets migranes, and that is related to stress, so this could be a similar thing - maybe my body can't adjust to the lack of stress on the weekend, and so I get these stupid headaches. I never get them on holiday... Another early night for me tonight.

Well, I got up tired, and things were okay until a little while after getting to work. Then the headache came back, and stayed with my all day. There goes more Nurofen... Other than that, there was nothing unusual that I noticed. Just a three day long headache. *sigh* I guess I'll be going to the doctor if it doesn't go away soon...

Well, I woke up feeling okay today. The headache was mostly gone, just a vague feeling of thumping sometimes. Nothing like the other days, though, thank goodness. Though that might have had something to do with a nice, relaxing night of role playing and a chat with my closest friend as well. By the end of work, despite the vague thumping sometimes, there was nothing else particularly out of the ordinary. I wasn't feeling tired, though.

The ring on my left hand fell off again, despite the resizing. Hrm. Maybe I'll have to tighten it even more. (These rings should REALLY be made one for a female and one for a male! The ring is too chunky as it is for my hands, and it still obviously doesn't fit properly!) I woke up in the middle of the night and realised that I didn't have the ring on. I guess I wake up when they fall off... But I searched for it, and for some odd reason, it was on the floor on the right side of the bed, rather than the left! How odd! Anyway, I went to sleep again with them both on, and I woke up rather early for work. I still had the vague headache, mostly when I walked. When I sat down I was fine. But I took another Neurofen just to make sure that it goes away for good!!! Again, I wasn't feeling particularly tired today, though my neck and shoulders are still filled with stress and hurt somewhat.

I rechecked the rings, and this time figured out the way that they were most likely to not fall off while I was sleeping, and put a 'L' and a 'R' on them (it's weird - putting them with the + up is very different with the + down in terms of how it fits on the finger. I guess the tighter the rings are, the more they stretch in funny ways, and so they're slightly curved along one side as well... I just figured out that if I put them on and shake my hands, they're less likely to fall off if I wear them in a certain way. With one + still up and the other down, of course.) They didn't fall off last night. I woke up this morning, and my headache hasn't come back (thank goodness!), though I still need to get myself a massage. Other than that, I feel fine, and don't really feel tired or anything.

The only time this week when my heartbeats sped up was when I heard these strange noises outside in the middle of the night. Other than that, the rings didn't seem to do anything much. They didn't stop my headaches, nor get rid of the tightness along my shoulders or neck. No scars have healed over quickly, either, yet.

I've worn them for two weeks now, but we'll keep wearing them and see what happens next time...

Week 3

Last night I put the rings on correctly again, but because I was still revved up from the movie, it took forever to fall asleep. When I did wake up, I woke up way early, too, though I don't know what time it was. I eventually got up for work without falling asleep again. During the day I just kept getting more and more tired until by the end of work, I my eyes were sore and I couldn't concentrate and all I wanted to do was sleep. Other than that, nothing else had changed since yesterday.

This morning I felt okay, though I woke up early to go out for the day. I was tired, though. But by mid afternoon, I had a huge, horrible thumping headache (despite even having a massage earlier today!) and it just kept getting worse, so I really couldn't enjoy the later half of the afternoon. Even taking the tablets didn't seem to help much. By much later - some time in the evening - the headache started to lessen, but I just felt horrible still. When I got home, all I could do was go straight to bed and sleep.

When I woke after a sleep in, the headache was still around somewhat but I took another Nurofen and it disappeared and didn't come back. I had been given some Chinese medicine with the massage because of my always tense upper back, so I started taking them today. Shujinghuoxuewan is the name of the herbal pills, and it says to take 10 pills three times a day, an hour before each meal. I've got 200 to take, so we'll see if that helps more than the rings!! I was still feeling tired, though, and somewhat crappy, so I just stayed at home all day and did nothing. It was a rather warm day, but in the evening all of a sudden my face started itching around my jaw line. It was like a sweat rash someone might get after exercising for the first time, if they have sensitive skin. I decided then that it was time for bed. :p

I was still tired, but woke up and headed off to work as per usual. The itchiness had gone, thank goodness! There was nothing out of the ordinary that I noticed today. The headache had stayed away, I was tired, and still have the scars that the cat gave me. I'd say it's the pills and the massage, but my shoulders and neck were fine today. This night, though, when I tried to go to sleep, I was too awake to do so, even though I was tired. I stayed awake for goodness knows how long before - finally! - falling asleep.

This morning was, again, nothing out of the normal. I was somewhat tired, but feeling okay. Though by the end of the working day, I had a vague headache. I took some Nurofen when I got home, and after dinner my headache had gone away. My back was still pretty relaxed, and I was still taking the pills. When I got to bed I had a little trouble falling asleep, but I did manage to drift off after a while...

Again there was nothing extraordinary that I noticed on waking. Scars and whatnot are still there, and I was somewhat tired. One of my nails started cracking, and another still starts to bend as it grows so it hasn't helped with my nails so far... By the end of work, I was getting more tired, but that seems to be the norm. I wish I could finish work mid afternoon, with full pay. :p

Nothing to unusual today... woke up and got ready for work, feeling a bit tired. No headache today though, but (after a massage I had on Saturday, that seemed to mostly fix the tenseness at my shoulders and neck) one knot in my back, under one of my shoulderblades, started to tense up again. *sigh* It made sitting uncomfortable... but I survived, and watched some HK movies (one 'bad' one, The Iceman Cometh... not because of the murder/rape scene at the car, but because of the REALLY BAD 80s 'fashions'!!!! Gyah!) Thankfully the next one was a hundred times better - King of Beggars with Steven Chow. (Heh, the bad guy in that is named 'Chiu'...) I eventually got home and managed to fall asleep with only a little trouble (despite it being after midnight).

This morning after waking up, I still had the stupid knot at the shoulderblade being tense, but other than that, there was nothing else that I noticed. I guess I'll need to get another massage... Scars are still hanging around and whatnot. Oh, well... I can't say that I feel any different at all. I was still taking the Chinese medicine, so at least the tenseness is only in one spot, rather than all over my shoulders like before...

Nothing to report, yet. I still am having aches and pains, and none of the cat scratches have disappeared, and I don't really feel anything like having more energy. It certainly hasn't cleared up any of my headaches!!!

Well, there goes my third week of the rings with nothing outstanding to report... On to week four!

Week 4

I managed to sleep in for some time this morning, which was good. The rings were now fitting fine, and hadn't fallen off since those two nights before I finally figured the best way to put them on, and marked them to make sure that they'd be right. I did really enjoy my massage, it released all of the tenstion, as good massages should! My beautician commented that she thought that I'd lost a couple of kilos, and that I looked thinner - yay! I hadn't been dieting or anything since the last time I saw her, about a month ago. Other than the rings, I hadn't done anything differently...

After another sleep in, I got up and felt find this morning. Amazingly, I got through the whole weekend without a single headache! (Though recently the headaches had been worse than normal. Thank goodness they've died off this weekend!) I just spent the day relaxing at home and enjoying having stress free shoulders. ^_^ I didn't put the rings on till I went to bed, though, even though I didn't go out or anything today.

I did feel like sleeping in when I woke up this morning, but I got up anyway. I didn't look so tired as I normally might have, after the late nights I'd had on the weekend, so no need for the Revlon illuminator stuff to hide any Monday morning black rings under my eyes. (Funny it seems to happen on Monday mornings... maybe it's just because I stay up late on the weekends! :p ) Heh, work was ... interesting. My harddrive refused to be recognised by the computer, and even if it had of been working, the intranet was down. Badly. The internet was fine, though, so I had to use another PC to access the internet! I was sent home early, so I got to wander around the shops in the city - and see sun! - for a while before heading home. I could handle that every day! ^_^

Today I was up no problems, and headed off to work wondering if my computer would be fixed. No such luck. The intranet was up and down, so I had another day of surfing, though I was given enough work for a whole hour today, after they did fix the intranet. Too bad the guy who gives me the jobs wasn't around in the afternoon, otherwise he might have sent me home again... Ah, well! I decided to have a somewhat early night tonight.

No computer, and so no work again today. And I was still feeling fine. Not very tired. It was a lovely warm day, too, when I did manage to get outside from work. I was well rested and still destressed. The only problems were boredom at work, by the end of the day. I so wanted to go home early again, but ah, well. It was still warm and light when I did manage to leave to head home. ^_^

For some reason I was reluctant to get out of bed, and I think I was woken a little later than normal. I only woke when the radio went off, rather than beforehand, which is the norm. But it was a crappy, winter-like day. Cold and cloudy and wet. Not a day that I enjoy getting up to see, I guess. But it's spring... it shouldn't be winter. Melbourne weather - wait five minutes and it changes. :p Maybe it was the change in weather or the lack of anything to do at work (even surfing the internet got boring by afternoon!) but I started to get a very faint headache. I could feel the heat on the back of my neck, and muscles starting to tense up. When I got home, I put some lavendar, jasmine and spikenard essential oils on the burner, and went to sleep with the rings on my fingers and the nice smell filling my room.

I woke up, and my neck was still somewhat hot, so I put a little jasmine and rose on the back of my neck, and the lovely cooling oils did their job, and the remnants of the vague headache disappeared completely. ^_^ Other than that, I woke up as per normal, and got nice, warm sun on the way to work. That's always a cheery thing, a lovely warm and sunny day. I want to go find a spa somewhere and soak in the sun for a while... I wish I was on holiday! Oh, well. To work I went, and passed a pretty normal day still without my own computer. (Next week, I was told, this other computer could be set up for me with all the programs I need for work, including e-mail. Going without work e-mail for a week is crazy, though! I have to be handed print outs and get others to save the attached files before I even have a hope of doing the tiny jobs I'm given!)

Well, this week was much, much better than the others, so far! No weekend headache, complements from the beautician and good spring weather with very little work. I hope things continue on like this, and get better each week now! That's one month down, and we'll see what continues happening in the future. ^_^

PS - a big thanks goes out to all the people who helped me by giving me a unique hit so I could get the rings to start this diary!

If you're interested in finding out about the rings yourself, look at Alex Chiu's Site ... but please ignore all the crappy, non scientific theories that he's trying to pedal. They're scary. O_o;

BTW, the rings currently sit in a mug by my bed, and I haven't worn them since. So I have no updates. Sorry. - Feb 2013

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