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What on earth is a Sinfest?

by Caroline Seawright


Sigh... NobodyUnderstands Me

Sinfest is a manga-style daily comic stip, by Tatsuya Ishida.

The comics revolve around a few central characters:

  • Slick (aged between 14 and 21), a "slacker, occasional pimp, negotiating with the Devil to sell his soul and leader of the Resistance"
  • Monique (16), who tends to be "jail bait, low fidelity, many tramp-like qualities, but deep down inside she's still a tramp"
  • Pooch & Percival (a dog and a cat), "Pooch is the emotional one, Percival is the cynical one"
  • God and the Devil (you figure it out!)

Man is it a funny strip!

I spend a whole afternoon going through every comic strip, from the begining... and now I'm getting them mailed to me daily. I love it!!

Now this might not be for everyone, especially those without a sense of humour, or for ultra-conservative Christians (I'm a liberal Christian with a sense of humour!), but it's still great none the less.

For instance, it has God doing a hand puppet show in the clouds, with God beating up the hand-puppet devil. I find that funny.

Then there's Monique and Slick doing their poems (at some hip nightclub, one would assume) or their Pimp Ninja/Geisha Slut bit. Monique (as Yellow Tail) captures Slick (pimp ninja) and punishes him .... by forcing him to watch a chick flick marathon! (He only manages to survive by imagining the girls in the movies naked!)

The Pooch and Percival bits remind me so much of my own dog and cat. Ishida's got the animals so right!

I can't believe how Ishida can put out one strip a day! It's amazing... I'd never be able to put out one a month, even if I could draw as well as him.

I love Sinfest! Why not have a look-see for yourself? I'd suggest starting with comic number one - but have a look around the site, too. I love it!

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