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The Smell of Christmas

by Caroline Seawright


We always put up our Christmas tree, the weekend before Christmas. This year was no exception!

The thing about Christmas trees is their smell. I love it. It's a most beautiful smell. If they had this as an essential oil, I'd be putting it in my burner all the time. Or at least around Christmas time.

(Essence of Christmas have kindly offered me a sample of their Christmas tree scent! Perhaps there IS a wonderful Christmas tree fragrance out there, after all! I will let you know how it smells when I receive their sample, but it sounds exactly like what I'm after! Christmas tree scent every day...)

When I can smell the Christmas tree (Monteray Pine) in the house, I know it's almost Christmas! (Though it really doesn't feel like Christmas ever since I started working full time - the lack of holidays must have something to do with this!)

The family decorated the tree (not all at the same time - we haven't done this since we 'grew up'), and it was fun to remember the other years we decorated the tree. Some of the decorations have been around since my mum was a little girl! These were brought all the way from Scotland, and are now sitting at the tree, at home, in Australia! They've traveled a long way, in both time and distance.

The first decoration that was put on the tree, after the lights, was the angel. We put the angel at the top of the tree to remind us of the angels who came to proclaim that Jesus was born. They did not go and tell their wonderful news to the king. They did not appear to the Jewish leaders. They didn't go to tell the well-to-do. No, the angels appeared in the sky, their news for shepherds!

Shepherds, not the upper class. Not the religious heavies. The angels came to tell regular, every day people about the birth of Jesus!

When Jesus grew up, his followers included a tax collector, a doctor, and fishermen (to name a few). He went around the country, teaching not only Israelites, but gentiles, too. He dined with those that the Jewish leaders considered beneath them, the "sinners" and gentiles. He taught normal people!

If Jesus was around today, he wouldn't go and seclude himself in a church somewhere. He'd be out among the people, teaching and talking to us!

He died, in the end, for everybody, doing the will of God, his father. He died so that we can all be forgiven for sin, the things we feel guilty about. He opened the way for all of us to be able to come into God's presence when we pray and worship God. We no longer have to go through priests, as they did before Christ.

When the Holy Spirit came, at the will of Jesus, everyone who believed was touched. Everyone had their hearts filled with the Holy Spirit! It is by the Holy Spirit that we have the ability to reach others, to tell them about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit - the Trinity. To tell others how we can all go to heaven (through believing and accepting the forgiveness that Jesus offers).

That's why there is an angel at the top of our Christmas tree. That's why the smell of the tree reminds me of the fact that Jesus loves everyone, and came to offer all people eternal life!

Without Jesus (from from birth to resurrection), there would be no Christmas!

Thank the Lord for Christmas trees. ^_^

It's Christmas-time again... but why!?

Christmas and my Christianity

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