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Energy Drink - "V"

by Caroline Seawright


V, an energy drink made from B Vitamins and Guarana, obviously isn't for everyone. People allergic to caffeine should stay away, too. (The bottle has a warning - 'V contains caffeine at levels found in an average cup of coffee, so is not suitable for children or persons sensitive to caffeine'.)

The taste is an acquired one.

But it's my favourite drink since I started drinking the stuff!

V (made by Frucor Foods New Zealand Ltd) is one of the new age style energy drinks. They claim that V:

  • improves mental alertness
  • enhances concentration
  • rapidly replenishes energy levels
  • provides natural energy boost
  • vitalises body and mind

I've been drinking the stuff for ages. I don't actually know if it does any of the above or not... I just know that I'm addicted to it!

I need at least one 350ml bottle a day (though a small can will do!) Thank goodness the supermarkets are selling the cans in 4 packs! That'll last me nearly one working week, for a heck of a lot less than buying the can singly... I just hope they start selling the bottles in lots of four!

As to how V tastes. It's got a tang to it, and it reminds people either of medicine or apples.

It's probably the tang that you taste, when you take your first sip out of your can or bottle, that wakes you up more than anything!

"Think of it as your mid-afternoon wake-up call."

Well, I think of it as my morning wake-up call, because it's the first think I drink after breakfast.

A bottle, though, can last me all day...

B vitamins supposedly help one deal with stress... maybe that's why I drink it. I do HTML programming for a living, and it can be a nightmare at times!

That's probably why a few of us, here at the office, are addicted to V...

People tell me that I should ring up the company and see if I can order a slab of V at a time.... and one day, I might just do it!

Nutritional Information

Riboflavin (B2)0.49mg
Niacin (B3)2.9mg
Vitamin B60.46mg
Vitamin B120.57µg
Pantothenic Acid0.7mg

For more information on V, see Frucor Foods New Zealand Ltd.

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