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I Survived my First Wing Chun Session!

by Caroline Seawright


I turned up to the first of my two sessions that I got for my AU$15. I'm not sure what "semi-private" means, because I just took part in the normal class.

I met Sifu Gabriel Yamin, and he seemed pretty nice. He mentioned that the classes on Thursday were 'freestyle', and the Monday and Saturday classes were 'traditional' - so Mondays and Saturdays was were you lean forms and such, and you put them into practice on Thursdays.

The class, though, was all guys apart from me. I didn't mind too much, because the ones that I met and talked to were all pretty nice, too. There were about ten guys in the class, but it started off with less - a number were late!

Class started off with a warm up - jumping around on the spot, then moving from side to side and forward and back... while trying to get the breathing right... then slowed down to a jog on the spot and a walk on the spot till eventually you stopped, and because of the correct breathing, one should be breathing normally, not panting or out of breath. That'll take me a little time to learn, I think! Finally we did the warm up stretches.

The next thing was doing kneeing/kicking and elbowing/punching at pads the other person was holding. I guess I'd exerted myself too much in the warm up, and doing the kicks and punches, because I started to feel dizzy like I'd faint. Funnily, this was while I was standing and holding the pad, not doing the kneeing/kicking or elbowing/punching!

You see, the room where they practice doesn't have a flow of fresh air. I couldn't get enough air (recently, when I've been trying to yawn, I've been unable to get the air even then, so that did not help at all!) and the air that I did get was stale. I had to leave the room twice, and go out to get some fresh air (and rest). By then, I was sweating like a pig! (So was everyone else. Even the sifu!)

Anyway, the next part of the lesson was better. I felt okay after that (but going back into the room was like walking through a wall of heat!), and got on with doing slapping blocks.

I was told that I did them pretty well... mirror image slapping away the punch at the other person's forearm, and doing the same while moving out of the way of the punch. Sometimes I did try with the wrong hand, and all, but it was still fun. ^_^

Then there was the stretching at the end. Sit ups I could do fine. The back bends I could do. Sit ups? No way. I can't even do normal sit ups (my arms are so weak!), but sit ups using your fists, instead of palms flat on the ground?!

Well, I survived the first lesson, despite the sore muscles above my elbows (ouch - my arms don't like moving at all).

I will be going back to the next class (but I really hope they do something about channeling the air through that room!), and then I'll probably join up.

I might actually end up getting fit, and not just learn how to stop people from beating me up if they ever try!

It's going to take me a while before I become anything like Ng Mui, though! ^^;

© Caroline 'Kunoichi' Seawright 2001 - present

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