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Wake Up, Mulder

by Jose Peralta


Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder... what *are* they up to?!

Pssst! Mulder!!!
Wake up!
Someone's at the door
and I don't have my gun!
You don't want some spooky alien
or Director Skinner
to see me without my knickers!
C'mon now,
You had enough rest.
You were only good for 2
3 at best...

It's ok. They went away
c'mon now wake up
Scully wants to play.
I am ready and willing to be
your X-File slave.

So Mulder!
Get up!
Cause if you don't
I guess I can get
Cancer Stick
or the new guy Doggett!

Peralta, P , Wake Up, Mulder, Poetry, < kunoichi/themestream/ xfiles2.html>.

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