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The Invasion

by Sandi Schraut


Special Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder... what *are* they up to?!

Scully wakes up and finds she is about to be slid into an oven, and
roasted alive...Mulder is still under the Hypno-sleep.

Oh what horror has now come
Invasion from beyond the sun
Bringing flocks of hellish beasts
Captured the world, gave us defeat.

Hordes of monsters like drops of rain
Exist to give us living pain
Across the land they spread to feed
They overcome, it's us they need

"Brains, brains to lunch we yen
Give us bones of young children
We'll suck the marrow of its juices
Leaving the shell to make our stew with"

Devouring all that walk or fly
Leaving only rights to die
Abominations upon this world
As their ships above us whirl.

Feeding upon living breathing man
Serving people up in a pan
No mercy from the invading force
But food to feed it's true life-force

Creepy, crawly, reptilian creatures
Living only to munch our features
Hope is dim for all mankind
As human flesh their tummies line

We pray to all the gods above
Save us from this ghastly mob
Turn their eye to distant stars
And other worlds instead of ours

Schraut, S , The Invasion, Poetry, < kunoichi/themestream/ xfiles3.html>.

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