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Okay, I've had too many people telling me that 'Ryoga' is 'the correct spelling' of Ryouga's name. I am going to put this near the top of the page so that no-one ELSE tells me this again.

First thing, 'Ryoga' is NOT 'the correct spelling'. 'Ryoga' is the Viz spelling. I spell it in romaji, which is a perfectly CORRECT way to spell Japanese names. Romaji is used by the Japanese to spell their words in the roman alphabet. This means that 'Ryouga' would be spelled in any of the following ways and STILL be correct : Ryouga, Ryo^ga (with the ^ over the 'o'), Ryo-ga (with the - over the 'o'), Ryooga, Ryoga. But I prefer 'Ryouga' because the 'ou' shows that there is a difference between 'ou' and 'oo' ... 'Ryouga', 'Kunou', 'Oosaka', 'ooki' ... The 'oo' way of spelling ignores this difference in spellings. You CAN write 'Ryouga' as 'Ryoga' but it is NOT 'the correct spelling' - although it is A spelling, it is just the spelling that Viz chose to use.

Ryouga explains the kanji in his name! by Philip Yff.

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