Becoming a Member!

To become a member of the Church of Ryouga, select the Deaconate link! All the instructions are found there.

CoR Fanfiction Competition!

The CoR fanfic competition is over - Here are the winners of the competition!

[ Whoo hoo! Ryouga stripping! ]

A CoRML Badge!

We now have a badge that you can print out and stick on (after laminating, if you want, or putting it in a plastic badge holder or even one of those badge making machines!) that was created by Sailor Tenku, Senshi of the Fanged One!

You can download the badge here!

Check it out!

Voting Page!

The Church of Ryouga Voting Page! Click on the link and vote for _your_ favourite characters!! Go on, vote for Ryouga as your favourite male! ^_^

[ Kawaii icon of P-chan ] The Voting Page - Remember, vote for Ryouga!

P-chan Screen Saver!

[ A present to you, from Ryouga! ]

[ Kawaii icon of P-chan ] A really kawaii ANSI P-chan screen saver for DOS or Windows! Arigatou, Werewolf for finding this cute program and sending me a copy!

Ryouga's Name!

Okay, I've had too many people telling me that 'Ryoga' is 'the correct spelling' of Ryouga's name. I just hope that now I have this, no-one ELSE tells me this again.

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