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(138) The hero of the series! (That's why Ranma 1/2 is named after him!) He turns into a girl in cold water! And not only that, most of the cast of the show either loves or hates him! He has at least four girls who want to marry him (even if one doesn't want to admit it!), and he fights with most of the guys ... But when he's a girl, he has a few of the guys chasing after him (well, _her_)! It's such a hard life for a martial artist! ...Especially since his father make a very silly promise to his mother when Ranma was a baby ... and so Ranma hasn't been able to see his mother in the last ten or so years of his life! [ Ranma ]
( 11) Ranma's thief of a father. He turns into a panda in cold water! Now, this man is not just any common thief ... he's the type of man who would engage off his son to another family, just to steal the dowary! (Especially if it happened to be _food_!) He trained Ranma to be a martial artist, but it was also his fault that Ranma turns into a girl ... just because he can't read Chinese! He wanted a training ground ... but didn't realise that Jyusenkyou was a _curse_ training ground ....... [ Genma ]
( 7) Ranma's rather ditzy mother, who thinks that peeping on girls in a bath is manly! But she holds honour very dear. This is why Ranma and Genma can't see them ... Genma promised that he and Ranma would commit seppuku if Ranma wasn't raised to be a manly man ... And seeing that Ranma turns into a girl, they are too scared to see her! She often visits the Tendou house, where Ranma and Genma are staying. She believes that Ranma's female form is a girl called 'Ranko' who has a panda for a pet! [ Nodoka ]
( 7) He pretended to be Ranma so he could get Nodoka to give him a scroll that showed a secret, dangerous technique! He knows the Yamasen-ken ... but he wants the Umisen-ken! He blames Genma for the death of his father and the destruction of the Kumon school of martial arts ... Ranma had to learn the Umisen-ken to beat him! It turns out that these two techniques aren't just martial arts techniques ... But will he kill Nodoka to get them? Or will he have to go through Ranma, first?! [ Ryuu ]
(167) Ranma's iinazuke, the cute tomboy of the series, and the youngest of the Tendou sisters! She is in love with Ranma, but she doesn't want to admit these feelings to anyone - not even to herself! Yet she is jealous of the attention the other girls seem to get from Ranma ... Ever since Ranma came to live with her family, her life has been turned upside down! [ Akane ]
( 3) Akane's father. He lost his wife when Akane was young, and seems to have lost some of his grip on reality since ... He spends most of his time playing shougi with Genma, or crying. He taught martial arts to his daughter, Akane, and hopes that she will marry Ranma so that they can continue the Muusabetsu Kakutou Ryuu (School of Indescriminant Grappling) together. But, on rare occasions, he can be forced into action ... wearing full samurai armour! [ Souun ]
( 72) Akane's older sister, the middle Tendou girl - she loves money! She takes photos of Akane and the female Ranma to sell to their admierers... even if it's without their knowledge! She enjoys making money, and is rather sneaky ... she can get just about anything out of anyone if there's money involved! [ Nabiki ]
( 33) She is the eldest of the Tendou girls, and she is the 'mother' of the family. She loves to cook and clean and look after her family - she is a saint! She hardly ever gets upset ... but even when she does, she is still always perfectly sweet and charming. But she is always there to help her family, even if she isn't a fighter. She took over the role of mother when her mother died ... [ Kasumi ]
( 1) Nabiki once had a 'battle' with him over who gets to pay the bill ... His 'martial arts' style is the Kasha-Ou Ryuu, a way of getting someone else to pay for everything! He is also a ventriliquist, and his butler is a hand puppet, Eipuriru! But somewhere, somehow, he managed to get feelings for Nabiki, during their fight ... and maybe they were returned? [ Kinnosuke ]
( 15) This is Genma and Souun's sensei, the master of the Muusabetsu Kakutou Ryuu. He's a total pervert and loves collecting girls' underwear! If you're a female, you had better get out of his way ... he not only likes underwear, but he likes glomping onto girls! He is _definately_ a dirty old man! [ Happousai ]
( 1) This is Happi's old friend from his youth. He has a strange painting technique ... He is also as perverted as Happousai! And he turns into a little boy in cold water! This is how he first appeared - everyone thought he was just a little boy ... But Ranma finally found out the truth! But this only made Happi and Lucky (his nickname) work together! [ Rakkyousai ]
( 7) These sisters suddenly turned up at the Tendou residence one day, claiming to be Souun's daughters! The youngest, Kurumi, loves eating food, and would give even Genma a run for his money! But Natsume, the eldest, only wants what she claims to be her birthright - the Muusabetsu Kakutou Tendou Ryuu! But Ranma and Akane are in line to inherit the dojo and the school itself ... And how is Happousai mixed up in all of this?! [ Natsume and Kurumi ]
( 13) This is the local doctor, who is in love with Kasumi. If you ever make an appointment, make sure it's not when Kasumi is around! His mind seems to leave him ... and he forgets what's happening - if you're being treated, the chances are that you'll need ANOTHER visit to the doctor for a _different_ reason! (The doctor goes into a strange state where he looks like he's insane! He dances with his skeleton, Betty, and runs around the town and his glasses fog up, and he generally acts crazy!) [ Toufuu ]
( 2) She is Toufuu's mother. She carries around her husband's shrine with her, and wishes that her son would marry! She wishes his wife to have wide hips, so she can bear many children! She realises that her son is in love with Kasumi, because her husband acted exactly the same at Toufuu's age... [ Kin ]
(420) Ranma's rival. Ryouga blames Ranma for his curse - he turns into a kawaii black pig called P-chan, in cold water! But he is now a rival in love for Akane ... Yet he also is in love with Akari! He is usually rather depressed and angry, but when it comes to girls, he turns _very_ shy! He is Ranma's equal when it comes to martial arts skills ... but he always gets lost! [ Ryouga ]
( 40) A sweet and pretty girl who loves Ryouga and loves pigs! She fell in love with Ryouga when he beat her sumo pig, Katsunishiki. Her grandfather told her that she should marry whoever beats the pig ... but now she loves Ryouga, and not just because he turns into a pig! She is friends with Ranma and Akane... Since Ryouga gets lost all the time, he and Akari are pen pals! But when they do get the chance, they go out on dates together! (Read more about her in my little character study - Akari - Not Just A Kasumi Clone and Why She is Right for Ryouga!) [ Akari ]
( 0) An old, frail man who spends most of his time on his futon because he is so old and frail. (How it moves around, I don't know!) He told Akari to marry a strong man who could beat Katsunishiki before he died. (Yep, he's still alive, so of _course_ he told her that before he died!) But will he see his granddaughter wed before he dies? [ Akari's Grandfather ]
( 4) Daisuke (also, in the Memorial Book, known as Chappatsu) and Hiroshi are Ranma's school friends. Hiroshi (Chappatsu) is the light-haired boy, while Daisuke has dark hair. Both hang around with Ranma in class and at school. Both think that Ranma is _really_ lucky to have Akane as a fiancee... and they both don't mind Ranma's curse at all! Just like all the rest of the guys, then like Ranma's female side ... but the fact that they know that it is Ranma makes them only look. They also think Ranma's lucky at all the girls who like him - why can't they get girls like Ranma, though?! [ Daisuke and Hiroshi ]
( 27) Ranma's sempai, who hates Ranma but loves Ranma's female side and who also loves Akane. He doesn't realise that they are one in the same person! Overall, he's a poetic romantic who has such a big ego that he doesn't realise that the girls don't return his love ... He is torn between them - and thinks that the male Ranma is who is keeping them from him! (So he's somewhat stupid, too!) [ Kunou ]
( 29) Tatewaki's younger sister - a somewhat eccentric rythmic gymnast who fell in love with Ranma! She doesn't realise that Ranma and the female Ranma are the same person ... so she hates the female Ranma! She is named 'The Black Rose' as her signature happens to be black roses ... and she is sneaky - she uses paralysis gas, poison, and ambushes people! But she can fight ... [ Kodachi ]
( 2) The principal of Fuurinkan high (Ranma and Akane's school) is also Tatewaki and Kodachi's father. He's an insane man with a Hawaii fetish, who loves tormenting his students! He is darkly tanned, as if he'd been in the sun all his life (he's really only been in Hawaii for three years!)... he always wears sunglasses, a lei, a loud Hawaiian t-shirt, shorts, etc, just like a tourist to Hawaii, even though he's back in Japan! He also has a minature coconut tree growing on top of his head. He speaks Japanese with _lots_ of American phrases thrown in. ("HELLO MY STUDENTS!") He also loves to try to cut off his student's hair ... [ Kunou-kouchou ]
( 2) This is the retainer of the Kunou family. He is a rather bad ninja, and is somewhat lacking in the looks department! He is treated almost like a slave by Tatewaki and Kodachi, and is always caught between the siblings when they fight! He does all the dirty work for Tatewaki (Kodachi does most of her own dirty work), but he always fails miserably! [ Sasuke ]
( 2) A martial arts cheerleader who fell in love with Kunou! She always calls out the letters of things she wants to say. ("M - A - R - I - K - O!") She knows of Kunou's love for Akane and the 'pig tailed girl', so what else could she do but challenge one of them, as Kunou as the prize! She callenges Ranma, the pig tailed girl, to a martial arts cheerleading competition! Kunou will be the man she cheers for while fighting Ranma ... but which kendo-ist will Ranma cheer for? [ Mariko ]
( 3) Kodachi's childhood rival, who challenged her to get the best and cutest boyfriend! She loves looking elegant and uses white lilies as her signature. She tried to beat Kodachi by ambushing Ranma, and blowing him up, to make him look scruffy, so that Kodachi's "boyfriend" wouldn't win. She wants to find the most beautiful man she can so that she will win... But who could be more good looking than Ranma? What does Asuka have up her sleeve? [ Asuka ]
(116) An Amazon from China, who wants Ranma for her husband - she turns into a cat in cold water! She is a waitress at the Nekohanten. Her greatgrandmother, Cologne, runs the resturant ... Shampoo doesn't speak Japanese that well - she talks with a Chinese accent. She adheres to the culture of her village! This is why she has to marry Ranma - he beat her in a fight! [ Shampoo ]
( 6) This is Shampoo's great grandmother. She and Happousai knew each other when they were young ... But now she's helping Shampoo to catch Ranma! She is 150 years old, and so knows lots of special Amazon martial arts techniques! She often teaches Ranma special moves, and she taught Ryouga the bakusaitenketsu. As old as she is, she is still one of the better martial artists ... Happousai's equal! She is also a matriarch of the Amazon village, back in China... She came to Japan to preserve the family honour. [ Cologne ]
( 48) Ranma's rival who is hopelessly in love with Shampoo. He turns into a duck called Muu-muu-chan, in cold water! Because he loves Shampoo, and is blind to her (as well as being blind without his glasses - he often ends up talking to plants instead of the person he is addressing!), he ends up attacking Ranma when Shampoo shows affection to him! He thinks that if he can beat up Ranma that Shampoo will love him ... He also lets Shampoo beat him and call him names, because he's in love... [ Mousse ]
( 2) These two are twin sisters from China ... who HATE Shampoo! They both use flowers - one for poisons, one for medicines. Together, they are a formitable team! When they were young, one of the girls poisoned Shampoo while trying out a new plant... But the other one came along and saved Shampoo with her medicine... But Shampoo beat her saviour up! Ever since then, the two have been trying to get even with Shampoo... [ Pink and Rink ]
( 3) Yet another set of twin sisters from China ... But this are Shampoo's "sisters" from her village. They came to make Shampoo marry Ranma, since she hadn't done so yet ... But they ended up working as draw girls (pretty girls who attract (draw) customers into the shop) for Shampoo's resturant! The only way you can tell these twins apart is from their hair colour - but which sister is which? [ RinRin and RanRan ]
(234) Ranma's other iinazuke. She and Ranma knew each other as children ... But Ranma thought that she was a boy! And she lived her life as a boy, and still dresses like a boy, but she loves Ranma! She also has her own resturant - Ucchan's Okonomiyaki-ya. (Okonomiyaki is a yummy Japanese dish that looks sort of like a pancake, but it's savoury and has special okonomiyaki sauce on top!) [ Ukyou ]
( 0) Ukyou's father is an okonomiyaki cook. He taught Ukyou how to cook the food, making her the best okonomiyaki cook this side of Nerima! He engaged Ukyou to Ranma, because he couldn't look after her any more ... But Genma stole his yatai (an okonomiyaki cart), the dowery, without taking Ukyou along with him! [ Ukyou's Father ]
( 7) A strange individual! She loves to chase after cute girls and tries to date them ... Ukyou was her first love! Then he fell in love with the female Ranma ... then Akane ... But ... She is really a he! He is straight, but just loves crossdressing! He is also master of disguise - not only does he look like a cute girl, but he dresses up as anything - a tree, a post box, a statue, or anything else you could mention! [ Tsubasa ]
( 6) Yet another crossdresser! This pretty 'girl' is in love with Ukyou ... She helped to rescue Ukyou from her step family's wrath, even though she only has a lot of rather usless attacks, including lipstick attacks! But her real problem is that she is really a _he_ ... who thinks that he really IS a girl! [ Konatsu ]
( 1) Konatsu's family are ... ugly. They treated Konatsu in the same way as Cinderella's step-family treated Cinderella. Thankfully Konatsu managed to get away from their slavery after he met Ukyou ... [ Konatsu's Stepsisters ]
( 0) At ten years of age, Ukyou had a fight with the local takoyaki boy - Ukyou won, but the punishment for failure was to wear a mask for the rest of your life! Hayato honourably stuck to the deal and had worn an octopus (tako) mask ever since! [ Hayato ]
( 2) A strange looking man - he looks like a picture of the king from a set of cards - wanders the country looking for children to gamble against. He met Ranma and Ukyou, when they were children, and won (among other things) the Tendou Dojo from Ranma! Ukyou and Ranma beat him up ... and he came back to collect his winnings! [ Bakuchi Ou King ]
( 5) Ranma and Akane's teacher. She has a strange condition that lets her suck fighting energy out of people. With this, she can be in her rather sexy true form ... but without the energy, she's a little girl! She also has a thing for Souun - she wants to marry him! But he doesn't know that she looks like a child most of the time... All of her students (well, the male ones bar Ranma) want to date her, because she looks sexy when she's an adult! She uses her Happou-go-en-satsu on delinquents to drain their energy. [ Hinako ]
( 7) A shinto priest in training and Ranma and Akane's classmate, Gosunkugi is the kind of person you'd easily forget ... His major problem is that he loves to spy on people, and he takes photos ... mostly of Akane, the girl he's in love with! [ Gosunkugi ]
( 4) Ice-skater extrodinare ... This one drives women crazy because of his style and good looks! He even has his own fan club! He was the one to give Ranma his first (_very_ unwanted) kiss! Not realising that the female Ranma was really the male Ranma, the ice-skater stole a kiss! Then his attentions wandered towards Akane's lips ... He and Ranma, of course, had to fight! Mikado is a master of kakutou skating (martial arts ice-skating) ... But Ranma can't even skate! So who will win? Mikado or Ranma? [ Mikado ]
( 10) Mikado's skating partner. She is too cute for her own (or anyone else's) good. She is also a kleptomaniac - watch out! If you have anything cute while she's around, you won't have it for long! She once took P-chan and renamed him to be Charlotte! Whatever she thinks is cute, she'll take and give it a cute French name. Only Mikado can handle her ... sometimes! [ Azusa ]
( 6) This is a strange man from China. He lives and works at Jyusenkyou, showing visitors the strange pools ... ending up telling them what pool they fell into, and the legend of that pool! Pity he doesn't tell them what happens _beforehand_ ... He knows of Ranma's curse, Ryouga's curse, Genma's curse, Tarou's curse, Rouge's curse, Shampoo's curse and of the Pheonix Mountain people and their curses... But he can somehow never get Ranma and the other guys to the Spring of Drowned Man! [ The Jyusenkyou Guide ]
( 2) The Jyusenkyou Guide's daughter. A pretty young girl who lives at Jyusenkyou. When he father was captured by Saffron, she went to Japan to find Ranma so he could help save her father! And she's only a very young girl... So resourceful to go all the way to Japan by herself, especially when she was being chased by Saffron's followers! [ Plum ]
( 1) A spoiled brat of a prince. He is leader of the Pheonix people at Pheonix Mountain, just above Jyusenkyou. He has the power of regeneration and his wings can make him fly! He is very powerful, not only strong, and is Ranma's most dangerous opponent! He wants to drain and heat all the Jyusenkyou water to make a special water for himself. This is why Ranma must fight him! Without the water, how can Ranma find a cure? But Jyusenkyou water is not the only thing at stake... [ Saffron ]
( 1) One of Saffron's followers. This pretty winged girl drowned Akane in a newly created spring ... making Akaneniichuan! She took the curse - now she looks like Akane when she's splashed with cold water! She used to be able to fly, with her wings that grew when she was splashed with cold water... [ Kiima ]
( 1) Masera is the light-skinned follower of Saffron while Koruma is the dark skinned one. When they get splashed with cold water, they grow wings (as they are part bird), and they can fly! Both are lead by Kiima, and they travelled with her to Japan, while following Plum... [ Masera and Koruma ]
( 0) He is a master of kakutou sadou - martial arts tea ceremony! But he has some sort of problem with run-away horses... he is now married to Satsuki. But when he and Ranma first met, he was looking for a better bride than Satsuki ... He thought that she was a monkey! He wanted Ranma, who was female at the time, to learn martial arts tea ceremony, and beat 'Satsuki' so he would wed someone prettier... Little did he realise that the monkey wasn't Satsuki herself! [ Sentarou ]
( 0) This is an old woman who also knows martial arts tea ceremony. She taught it to Ranma ... Both she and Sentarou talk with a strange dialect that originated from 'the floating world' where the tea ceremony started! She helped Ranma learn the kakutou sadou for the fight with 'Satsuki'. Sentarou's Grandmother, called oba-sama, can even move upside-down on the roof, while kneeling down in the correct sitting position! It's all in the technique of using only the feet to move! [ Sentarou's Grandmother ]
( 0) She is Sentarou's newly wedded bride, and a mistress of martial arts tea ceremony! She also has a problem with run-away horses ... and it a very pretty, but shy, girl. She was so shy, in fact, that she sent her pet monkey, Sanae, in her place to meet Sentarou and his grandmother! But she finally came, and Sentarou was over joyed to learn that he was to marry this pretty girl, not the monkey! [ Satsuki ]
( 2) One of the Tendou girls were engaged to the Frenchman, Picolette Chardin II... but luckily the female Ranma pretended to be a Tendou, and went to get out of the engagement! Picolette knows kakutou dinner (martial arts dinner), and has a _very_ large mouth and long tongue! This allows him to eat food _very_ fast... his mouth opens so wide that he can even fit two dinner plates in his mouth at once - vertically! He lives in a large mansion ... and all of his family know the same martial art - it is considered elegant to be like that! [ Picolette  ]
( 0) She is Picolette's governess. She tried to teach Ranma how to be a proper lady ... but she thought that Ranma was too vulgar! She even puts the female Ranma in a metal corset (not to mention stockings and pretty panties and dresses)! But ... with this corset on, Ranma can't change back to being a boy - it hurts too much! The only way to get it off is for Ranma to get thinner....... [ Madam Saint Paul ]
( 11) Tarou was named 'Pantyhose' by Happousai when he was born. So he has been after Happi ever since - the only way for him to change his name is for Happousai to change it for him! He was 'christened' by Happi, accidentally, in a cursed spring - so he turns into a bakemono in cold water! Lately, he added octopus tentacles to his curse to make him even more powerful! [ Tarou ]
( 3) She and Tarou hate each other. He stole her source of power ... and he didn't know what it was. So they fought, and managed to almost totally destroy the Tendou house! She turns into Ashura, an Indian goddess, when she gets in cold water! She is very powerful and throws around fireballs, and can fly... but when she is in human form, she is just a normal girl! All she wants is her source of power... [ Rouge ]
( 5) He is the leader of his entourage, the Shishifuku Dojin - the Lucky God Martial Artists. There include Bishamonten, the twins Daikokusei and Daihakusei, the giant Muu, the pretty Monron and Ebiten. He kidnapped Akane, thinking that she was his bride because of the half of the scroll she was holding ... but it belonged to Lychee! One of Kirin's more strange habbits include that he can only eat rice and pickles... [ Kirin ]
( 9) Lychee is the true owner of the half scroll... and she believes that her prince holds the other half, and will come and wed her! She came to Nerima to get even with the one who gave her the scroll, riding on her elephant, Jasmine. It turns out that Happi gave her grandmother the scroll, saying it was good luck, but all it has done was give her bad luck! But as she was getting her revenge on Happi, her prince really DID turn up ... But Akane was holding the scroll! [ Lychee ]
( 2) He has the same curse as Ranma - he turns into a girl in cold water! But he is the leader of the Musk Dynasty, who's children are only born males. They had to get animals and throw them into the spring of drowned women so that the men could marry! Herb's family is part dragon... So he can fly, and has many powerful attacks! But he hates breasts ... the reason for this has to do with how he was cursed... [ Herb ]
( 1) They are from the Musk Dynasty, Herb's followers. Mint is a small, but very fast boy who's family is part fox. Lime, on the other hand, is slower but _very_ strong... his family is part tiger! [ Mint and Lime ]
( 2) Prince Touma is the boy prince of a legendary floating island... He needs to marry so that there will be children, and so he has been kidnapping girls! And it just happens that the people from Nerima got shipwrecked on an island in the path of Togenkyou, Touma's island! But the island has a special, magical water - it will turn anything it is poured on into a male! Is this the cure that will turn Ranma back into being a full time man? And how will the girls be rescued?! [ Touma ]
( 16) He lives in the Ryugenzawa forest alone with his grandfather. There he uses his brush to stop the monsterous animals from attacking the village - there are giant koalas, platypus', lizards and many other creatures ... All bigger than humans! The forest is also home to the spring dwelling Yamata no Orochi - and the spring's Water of Life. Unfortunatly, Shinnosuke is rather ill, due to an attack by the monsters when he was little ... Only the moss from the Orochi's cave can cure him! There is another problem ... he is VERY forgetful! He fell in love with Akane... but does he remember her? [ Shinnosuke ]
( 0) He lives with Shinnosuke in the Ryugenzawa forest, and looks after his grandson. Often Shinnosuke even forgets him, so he has to do something to try to make him stop being so forgetful... So he developed the MEGATON PUNCH!! Each time Shinnosuke forgets him, he hits him! But he knows about the Orochi, and knows that the moss can cure Shinnosuke of his illness... But does everyone _really_ have to dress in drag to get the Orochi's attention? [ Shinnosuke's Grandfather ]
( 1) These strange people are from China. They have heads shaped like different foods, especially nikuman shaped! They really wish that they had hair ... and the only way they know how to grow hair is with the Dragon's Whisker Soup. But to make the soup, they have to find a dragon's whisker... And the only dragon's whisker around is the one that Ranma uses to tie back his pigtail, lest disaster happens! His hair won't stop growing! [ The Nikuman Men ]
( 1) This silly and rather big looking creature is actually the Dojo Destroyer! He moves about, going from dojo to dojo, beating the dojo's champion, and taking their signs when he wins. This is how he destroys the dojo! He ended up at the Tendou Dojo ... Ranma and Akane were meant to fight together, but a little complication happened, and Akane was left to fight him alone! Will Ranma get back in time to help Akane and to keep the dojo? [ The Dojo Destroyer ]
( 0) The little boy who wants a panda... He always stays inside, seeminly sick. But he promised his mother that if he got a panda, he would go outside and play with it. And guess which panda ended up meeting the boy? Will Genma help the boy and take him outside to play? [ Yotarou ]
( 1) Yotarou's pretty and elegant young mother. She wishes that her son would go outside sometimes, but he said that he would only go if he had a panda... But when a panda turns up at her house, was it a blessing or a curse, in disguise? This panda only wants to stay inside and eat! It doesn't want to go outside, and so her son stays inside, too! What ever is she to do? [ Yotarou's Mother ]
( 8) In a mansion, Ranma, in female form, tripped and tore half of the curtain off a special mirror ... hitting the mirror, an exact copy of the female Ranma came out! It turns out that there was a spirit of a girl who didn't find love before dying who haunted the mirror... and now the spirit took Ranma's form to find love! To win Ranma's love (or any other guy who walks past!) she dresses up very sexily... and all this is blamed on Ranma! [ Ranma's Copy ]
( 2) A sick guy, who doesn't want to take medicine... He believes that he will die soon, yet he won't take any medicine! Ranma, in girl form, ends up at the hospital, and of course gets asked to help make Densuke take his medicine by Densuke's mother. Ranma tries everything possible to do this, even dressing up as a sexy nurse, or going on a date and trying to slip him the medicine when he isn't ready! But he still refuses! [ Densuke ]
( 0) A dying man who's spirit wanders. Before he dies, he wants to let his spirit go and date the woman who looks exactly like his girlfriend did when Harumaki was young - and the female Ranma just happens to look like the man's girlfriend! Will his grandson convince Ranma to date the ghost before the old man passes on? [ Harumaki-san ]
( 2) Harumaki's grandson brought Ranma to fulfill a promise from his grandfather's past - to beg Ranma to date with his grandfather before he dies! Ranma's female form looks exactly like Harumaki's girlfriend when Harumaki was young... The poor boy will do anything to help his grandfather, even if he is a little crazy... [ Harumaki's Grandson ]
( 5) This woman is ocassially seen outside her house, watering down the path. As luck would have it, one of the cured Ranma cast, such as Ranma or Ryouga, wander passed, and they, (of course!), get splashed and turned into their cursed form! The first time this happened to Ranma was on his way to school on one of his first days ... [ The Old Washer Woman ]

Other Characters. Choose your favourite non-human character!

(255) Ryouga's kawaii black and white dog and her _very_ cute puppies! They are the only one in the Hibiki family who knows how to find their way around, without getting lost! Shirokuro has five cute little puppies, who are also half black and white. She wants to help stop Ryouga from getting lost all the time, but she can't be everywhere at once, especially now because she has her puppies to look after! What if one of them got lost? [ Shirokuro ]
( 44) Akari's giant pet sumo pig... He is stong and faithful, and he protects Akari when she needs protection. He is also big enough for Akari to sit on, so he also takes her where she wants to go! For some reason, he also knows sumo wrestling... And because of this, he had to go around attacking boys, so that if one of them beat him, Akari would marry that boy! Luckily the one that _did_ beat him was the best man for Akari - Ryouga! But at least he managed to find someone worthy of Akari. And he doesn't have to go fighting people any more! [ Katsunishiki ]
( 29) Kodachi's pet. Unlike what the name implies, Midorigame isn't a green turtle - it's an alligator! He has a special collar around his neck, reading 'Midorigame-kun' (Green Turtle-kun!) ... but the collar electrocutes people when it's forced open! It once held the negatives of Gosunkug's photos that Kodachi bought... Ranma needed those negatives, but Midorigame doesn't like people in his pond! [ Midorigame-kun ]
( 62) This is a giant ghost cat who is looking for a bride! He falls for Shampoo (funnily enough) and wants to wed her! The giant cat wants her to ring the wedding bell, but Shampoo wants no-one but Ranma! Maybe Ranma will have to fight this cat for Shampoo...? But there is only one problem. Ranma is scared of cats! [ Bakeneko ]
( 6) Satsuki's pet monkey, who also knows martial arts tea ceremony! It fought with Ranma at kakutou sadou... and made quite an opponent! The monkey managed to scratch Ranma's face at the start ... but near the end, Ranma started winning... Luckily for the poor monkey, its owner, Satsuki, turned up on a run away horse. She managed to explain that she was so embarassed and shy to meet her future husband that she sent Sanae in her place! Luckily for everyone involved, and for Sanae itself, that she turned up when she did ... [ Sanae ]
( 52) This is a strange demon-like creature that, when it is free, posesses people! The only way to rid the person of the oni is to hit them... But the oni posesses Kasumi and makes her evil! No-one could possibly hit her! [ The Evil Oni ]
( 24) This is a living outfit! It was brought back, lifeless and just like normal clothing, to the Tendou house. Only when it started fighting as Ranma tried to wear it did anyone realise what it was really like! When it saw Akane, it bonded with her, and became her outfit, showing her her true potential as a fighter! She could even beat up Ranma with the dougi on... Akane nicknamed the costume 'Dougi-chan'... But it is a jealous outfit. If someone seduced its owner, it would leave them to find someone else... But it wants Akane for itself! [ The Dougi ]
( 7) The king jellyfish that wanted to 'sacrifice' girls, giving the ones that drown a special, magical swim suit so they could be in the race... and he was at the finish line! Akane drowned at the beach, and got the swim suit! But when she wore it, she could swim! It really _was_ magic... and made out of a special, glittering substance... But since she wore the swim suit, she had to join the race! [ Karake Tai Ou ]
( 17) The statue that could come alive to grand the wish of one who offers at the statue... And it just so happened that Mousse gave a scarf, intended for Shampoo, to the statue after Shampoo rejected it. The statue, always cold, was now warm... and it accepted Mousse's offering. That night, Shampoo turned up to date Mousse! But was it the real Shampoo, or was it Mousse's bad eyesight mistaking the statue for Shampoo, or was it something more sinister...? [ Ojizou ]
( 11) This is a silly looking picture of a panda, animated by a spirit! Ranma and Genma knocked off the seal of the picture, and th e panda-spirit escaped! But before it would go back in the picture, she wants to go on a date! And ... to finish off the date, she wants a kiss! How will Ranma put up with a date with this spirit!? [ The Panda Spirit ]
( 8) A small shrine something strange was happening. All of the lucky signs were being destroyed! The signs had a very badly-drawn horse on them... Maybe the horse spirit didn't like the bad drawings of itself? ...but then, the horse looked exactly the same as the drawings! What could Ukyou, Ranma and Akane do to placate the horse to make it stop destroying everything? [ The Horse ]
(115) On a holiday, Ranma knocked over a little doll... Not knowing the story of the doll, he went off, leaving it all messed up... The doll wanted revenge... But it needed a body. The next one to come along was Akane! In Akane's body, the doll went to kill Ranma... And Akane, in the doll's body, knew she had to save him! But what could Akane do? The spirit in Akane's body would do _anything_ to destroy Ranma... even using Akane's sexy body to find an opening! [ The Doll Spirit ]
( 76) This silly looking bird is a pheonix. Kunou wanted to learn the Houou-ken, the Pheonix Sword, by buying a pheonix egg from an old antique salesman. He was told never to put the egg on his head... Pity Ranma put the egg on Kunou's head, after it almost smashed on the ground! The pheonix egg broke apart as it was on Kunou's head, and the silly looking pheonix came out! [ Kunou's Pheonix ]
( 30) At the beach where the family went for a holiday, Ranma went for a swim... and was dragged underwater! When the female Ranma came to, she was dressed in a strange swimsuit with a dragon on it. The dragon design could talk and bite! On top of that, the swimsuit was impossible for Ranma to take off! And the story went that there was only one man who could get rid of the swimsuit ... And that man happened to be Kunou! [ The Swimsuit Spirit ]
( 22) This is an eight headed dragon that lives in the spring at Ryugenzawa. It grows a special moss on its body that gives healing properties to the spring, making the Water of Life! But to save Shinnosuke's life, they must gather the moss! [ Yamata no Orochi ]
( 7) Before her spirit would pass on, this old woman wants someone to steal her panties just once... Unfortunatly she's rather largly built, and not even Happousai wants to steal her pants! How on earth will Ranma and Akane get the old woman to disappear? There's no way that RANMA would steal her pants, however much she wants him to! [ The Old Ghost Woman ]
( 4) The Teppoumame (Bean Gun) plant was procured by the Tendou family at the Seppun ceremony. Just like the ceremony, the plant scatters beans to ward off oni! But, unfortunately, this plant gets a tad carried away - and spews out WAY too many beans ... at ANYONE with a battle aura, not just oni! And, at the Tendou household, almost _everyone_ gets angry now and again! One other little problem - the plant flies around the house of its own accord! How will the Tendou family rid itself of THIS pest?! [ Teppoumame, the Seppun Plant ]

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