The WINNERS of the 1st CoR Fan Art Competition

A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition! Unfortunately, not everyone can win ... But we all - the judges and I - appreciated your efforts!

The pannel of judges consisted of myself, Sean Gaffney, David Eddy, James E. Schaad, John Biles, Trisha Sebastia and Jeremy Blackman. To make things fair, we all gave our top three favourite images, and comments on why we thought the images were the best. From this list, we got First, Second and Third place.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

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First Place

Vilja - Hug
[ Hug ]

Judge's Comment: This drawing is done in a style that made me think of Rumiko Takahashi's manga work. Technically it's well done, and Ryouga's expression and body stance are well thought out and absolutely in character. The girl in the picture - a random blonde girl, not a character from the manga, and I can't tell who she is supposed to be, but as a pose it's rather cute. Love the expression on Ryouga's face! Most importantly, it's inked! Very professional.

Second Place

Harmony Bennett - Soft Heart
[ Soft Heart ]

Judge's Comment: Depiction of the form is excellent and accurate, from the notch in his collar to his bandanna's stripes. The line of his mouth is rather quaint. A well-executed character study, with Ryouga in a pensive mood - quite in character. It has a great deal of depth to it.

Third Place

Katalina - Kat and Ryouga Sketch
[ Kat and Ryouga Sketch ]

Judge's Comment: A reasonably well-executed sketch. I like the simple rawness of Katalina's entry. It's a simple pose, a casual pose, that conveys itself through the line work, and the relaxed posture of the subjects. I can't identify the girl. Emotionally the picture projects quiet relaxation and comfort; it is appealing.

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