The WINNERS of the 1st CoR Fanfic Competition

A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition! Unfortunately, not everyone can win ... But we all - the judges and I - appreciated your efforts!

The pannel of judges consisted of myself, John Biles, Sean Gaffney, Chris Willmore and Jamie Seaman. To make it fair, we all gave scores out of 100 points in total, from various categories including Plot, Characterisation, Spelling and Grammar and Cannonicity.

Now, for the time you've all been waiting for (those of you who've been waiting for it!), here are the CoR Fanfic winners!

We awarded a first place, second place, third place, honourable mentions and the judges' choices awards.

First Place The Gift by Gary Kleppe
VERY entertaining. Had me chuckling out loud several times. Excellent story. Fun to read and engaging. Good work! - Chris

Second Place

Hand of Glory by Alan Harnum
It was something new, I liked it. - Jamie

Third Place

Choice by Glazius Falconar
Nice, fun and light hearted - I liked the ending hell-to-heaven symbolism. - Caroline
Honourable Mention Shattered Hearts on the Road by Eimii
Excellent combining of Ryouga and Ah! My Goddess. - Sean
Another Honourable Mention Closing the Chapter by TimeRunner
The bit with Ryuouga rejecting his insight at Fuji was very nicely done. - John
Sean's Choice The Gift by Gary Kleppe
Well, The Gift got the highest ranking from me because Ryouga was written impeccably, it had a simple plot that didn't wander around, it was very well written with lots of pig puns to break the emotional center, and it was a sweet romance. Seems logical to me. ^_-

Jamie's Choice

The Reunion by LaShawn M. Taylor
I'd have to go with 'Reunions'. I was torn between it and 'Unbeatable' because they both had a lot of character growth (in a sense). I thought Ryouga's descent into madness was very intriguing, and agree that he would not be happy with Akari in the long run. LaShawn put such a good twist on the old story.

John's Choice

The Gift by Gary Kleppe
I chose The Gift as my favorite, although it was a very narrow choice between that and Shattered Hearts on the Road. Shattered Hearts on the Road is a very well done crossover, but it was hard to make a final judgement from only the first half or so. The Gift was strong both in writing and in tying up loose ends from the series, addressing a variety of important unresolved plot lines from the manga. It also had some humour; a Ranma story without humour probably shouldn't have been a Ranma story.

Chris' Choice

Subterranean Nerima Nightlife by James Seaman
There were quite a few well-written stories in the bunch, but the ones that stuck most in my mind were 'Subterranean' and the Wishing-well story. I enjoy new twists on an old tale, and both of these were refreshing variations on the standard Ranma (Ryouga?) 'fic.

If I must choose only ONE, it's only that it be Monsier Seaman's. It's quite clear that the author put a lot of thought and time into his writing - each page sparkles (and it's not just monitor glare). Congrats on a fine yarn.

Caroline's Choice

A Poorly Written Fic by Wing T. Wong
Very funny - I quite liked it! For a last moment, rushed job, it was quite good. I guess what I liked the most was how it was all about the fanfic competition itself! Cool idea, however fast the 'fic was written. ^_~

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