RoseCredit Where Credit Is Due - Acknowledgments and Credits


The Chronicles of Amber were written by the late Roger Zelazny, and stand as one of the finest works of fantasy ever published.

The Amber Diceless Roleplaying System was created by Erick Wujcik and published by Phage Press.

The city and citadel of Avalon, along with the NPC siblings, were created by Mike Loader over the course of literally dozens of campaigns after starting life as NPCs in a Throne War. Said Throne War turned into a campaign after all of the surviving PCs renounced their claims in order to team up and hunt down Darako.

There is one exception to the above. Dante was originally the character of Devon Edwards in the third White Rose campaign. He was added to the regular lineup, displacing an earlier strength champion who wasn't as interesting.

The characters Juri, Tomas (Touga), Mikel (Miki), Kozuen (Kozue), Nanami, Mikage, and Utena are all taken from the surrealist Japanese series Shoujo Kakumei Utena.

The four elemental Demijewels are unabashedly swiped from the Squid Gumi campaign.

Rimmer and Gherman are taken from the Corunglain Free Rifle Company, a long-running Mystara campaign in Kansas City.

Carbon de Castel-Jaloux and the Cadets of Gascoyne were celebrated in verse by Edmond Rostand.

Jay and Silent Bob, castle guards extraordinaire, appear in Clerks, Dogma, and several other very funny movies. They're in this campaign because, like, if it's the True Realm it must have some RIGHTEOUS weed, dude!

Trucido bears some marked resemblance to Soujiro Seta. And the Ten Swords bear a marked resemblance to the identically-named group working for Shishio Makoto. Funny, that.

Finn was created and played by Dan A Root.

Horatio was created and played by Mercutio.

Juri was adapted and played by Alan Harnum.

Trucido was adapted and played by David Tai.

Venir was created and played by Andy Kent.

Gideon (Brandon) was created and played by Chris Bremer.

The beautiful trumps in the orginal gallery were drawn by Ale Texiera. The photoshop works were cranked out at stunning volume by assorted players.

The game was run via IRC, with the Keep of the Four Worlds on Kawaiimuck serving as general hangout, watering hole, and plotting ground.

Gamemastered with sadistic delight by Mike Loader, AD 2000.