Mike's Amber DRPG Page

A complete online manual for Kansas-Rules Amber Campaigns

The Blame

I must start by giving credit to those who have a far greater claim on this material than I.

Roger Zelazny developed the Amber universe, and to him goes the highest honors.

Erick Wujcik developed the original Amber DRPG, the core of which remains.

John Biles developed and codified many of the rules here. While he borrowed parts from other partial-powers systems, and my own mark can be seen in many places (Pattern and the split-stat system in particular), most of it is his work, and I have borrowed his writeups on the Pattern, Trump, and Shapeshifting with only minor editorial alteration and a few dozen rules changes to reflect play balance issues and differing philosophies on how the power should function.

Starting Out

If you are a beginning player who knows nothing about this game other than that it starts with an A, welcome! This manual was written specifically with you in mind.

You should start here, and follow the links onward, heeding the instructions in red text.

After you are done with the intro, you can browse the pages in detail or simply wait for the GM to suggest readings.

Table of Contents

This is a list of everything on this site, for those who wish to go through the whole manual in order.