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Point Allies and Enemies

While the exact table of possible allies and enemies will vary from campaign to campaign, this page should give you an idea of what you get for your points.


Street Gang - 1 point. You've gotten in good with one of the groups of bravos who inhabit the less savory parts of the City of Amber. Maybe you interceded on their behalf with the law, or maybe you spent some time in their ranks under an alias. Regardless, they consider themselves 'your men,' and will happily bust heads for you if doing so is not suicidal.

Servant of the Crown - 1 point. You have a loyal ally in the Court of Amber, either a noble or an important official. You can rely on them to look out for your interest and feed you all the important information they run across.

Sibling Favor - 2 points. One of your NPC brothers or sisters owes you for saving their ass. You can either choose to call in the debt once, or let them know that they don't owe you anything, which will cause them to regard you more kindly than they normally would.

Chaosian Noble - 2 points. A minor Lord of Chaos has befriended you, and will happily give you lodgings in his estate, arrange introductions, and provide you with a guide or information. He will not risk himself for you, or betray Chaos on your behalf.

Sibling Ally - 4 points. One of your brothers or sisters is good friends with you, and is usually willing to help you out or aid in your schemes. They will put themselves in danger in order to rescue you, although they won't commit suicide on your orders and have their own interests and agendas. Still, you can be certain that they aren't plotting against you, and will almost always be able to get their aid.

House Support - 4 points. A House of Chaos has decided that you are 'their Amberite' and has thrown their backing behind you. They will provide you with troops, funds, demons, sorcerors, or whatever else you might need, up to a point. They will expect some sort of return on this investment, and rival Houses to them will be even less friendly than they normally would be...

Sibling Devotee - 6 points. One of your siblings really, really, really loves you. Maybe you're their best friend in the world, or their full sibling, or maybe they lust for your body. Regardless, they are utterly devoted to you, willing to march into certain death in order to save your life. They always have time for you, and will try to aid your plans. Of course, they may also try to 'save you from yourself' if your plans seem too dangerous or mad.

High Lord of Chaos Ally - 6 points. One of the most powerful of the Lords of Chaos is your buddy; maybe you went on an adventure together out in Shadow, or you saved him from assassins, or he just took a shine to you. Regardless, you can depend on his friendship and support, which will open a lot of doors in Chaos. It may also attract a few assassins, and your siblings may get a bit paranoid about why you're regularly getting a few beers and watching some football with a High Lord of Chaos...


The Mob Rules - 1 point. For some reason, the people of Amber really, really hate you. Maybe it's because you drafted all those people and led them off to die. Or because you like to publically beat people in the street for looking at you funny. Or maybe you've slept with a critical mass of townspeople's wives and/or husbands. Regardless, showing your face on the streets of Amber for too long is likely to lead to an armed, angry mob slowly gathering, eventually culminating in a bloody riot.

Evil-Minded Courtier - 1 point. One of the retainers or officials of the Court of Amber hates you with a passion, and will do everything they can to make you look bad and screw up your plans. They will generally try to do this as secretly as possible, since it is unwise to directly antagonize a Prince of Amber.

Sibling Disfavor - 2 points. You owe one of your brothers or sisters, bigtime... both of you know you'd be dead or maimed if they hadn't stepped in to pull your ass out of the fire. At some point during the game, they will come to you with a big favor to ask by means of payback. If you turn them down, expect them to be offended and very irritated.

Chaosian Assassin - 2 points. You crossed a Lord of Chaos at some point in the past, and he hired a professional to take care of you. They will be quietly stalking you for most of the game, setting up a nice, tidy hit.

Sibling Enemy - 4 points. One of your brothers or sisters hates you. They will be openly hostile, and do their utmost to make you look bad and wreck any plans you might have. They will not openly try to kill you unless provoked, but they may quietly help arrange for unfortunate accidents if they think they can get away with it.

House Enemy - 4 points. An entire House of Chaos has declared you Public Enemy Number One, and is pursuing an organized campaign to take you down. Expect Lords of Chaos to appear at the worst possible time challenging you to a duel, assassins to rise out of your soupbowl and attack, and small armies to suddenly appear and strike.

Sibling Vendetta - 6 points. One of your brothers or sisters has more or less dedicated their life to sending you to Hell. They hate you with an all-consuming passion bordering on mental illness, and can barely spend any time alone in your company without attacking you. They will pursue an organized, ruthless plan to kill you so hard your ancestors die, and if they see a certain chance to kill you at the cost of their own life, they'll probably take it.

Mario - 6 points. You have angered someone in Chaos with enough pull and influence to hire Mario Greymist, the most feared assassin in the Courts of Chaos. It is generally held that being targeted by Mario means certain death. Of course, he's never gone after a Prince of Amber before... (WARNING: MARIO IS A BADASS and the GM will play him as cleverly, lethally, and viciously as possible. He is patient, leaves nothing to chance, and will eventually put the character in a situation where death is sure to result unless the PC gives a flawless, virtuoso performance and outthinks the GM. DO NOT TAKE THIS IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.)

Stuff in Detail

Good Stuff is a measure of how much the universe likes you. Good Stuff will influence the workings of chance in your favor, and will cause the GM to fill in blanks to benefit you. It will:

Bad Stuff will cause me to go out of my way to throw trouble at you. Obstacles will abound, and you'll never seem to catch a break. It will:

Examples of Stuff in action

Example One: The player needs to catch a ship departing Amber for the Golden Circle Shadow of Kashfa.

Example Two: The player goes to the library of Castle Amber to look and see if the histories have any reference to someone named 'Arkady' or beings called 'The Outer Gods'.

Example Three: The player is about to kick down the door of an apartment in a high-tech Shadow where he has tracked the mysterious Agent Smith to.

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