The Stat Information Page

This page offers an overview of the eight stats, arranged in four pairs. You can also look at the Advanced Stat Concepts page for a better idea on how they interact and how the GM handles things, but it isn't needed to play.

Quick-Find Table

Psyche - The two Psyche stats are Psychic Power and Psychic Finesse.

Psychic Power

This determines how much psychic whoopass you can unleash. It is the raw power of your brain. Psychic Power is used for the straightforward, force-related applications of Psyche, from direct psychic combat to clashing powers to trying to influence other people by sheer force of personality and will. It acts as a sort of armor over your Mental Endurance, as well.

High Psychic Power helps you:

The scale for Psychic Power is:

Psychic Finesse

This measures your psychic agility and fine-control. This is used to do things like direct your Logrus tendrils or do psychic surgery... or sneak into someone's brain through the back door in psychic combat.

High Psychic Finesse lets you:

The scale for Psychic Finesse is:

Strength - The two Strength stats are Physical Strength and Martial Arts.

Physical Strength

This measures your physical strength and athleticism. It also determines how badly blows which don't puncture your flesh hurt you (fists, clubs, rocks, blast waves, etc). Your Physical Strength gives both Martial Arts and most Weapon Skills attacks more power.

High Physical Strength lets you:

The Physical Strength scale looks like this:

Martial Arts

This is measures your skill in unarmed combat and with combat acrobatics. If you want to bounce around like a movie ninja and crush people with your flaming fists of fury, this is the way to go.

High Martial Arts is:

The Martial Arts scale looks like this:

Endurance - The two Endurance stats are Physical Endurance and Mental Endurance.

Physical Endurance

This determines how long you can take a physical beating, how long you can keep using your body, and how fast you heal physical damage. It also determines your immunity to the various things that can cause the human body to malfunction or die.

High Physical Endurance measures:

The scale for Physical Endurance is:

Mental Endurance

This measures how much of a mental beating you can take and how long you can keep using your brain before it gives out, and how fast you heal mental damage. It also measures things like your internal will and self-control.

What High Mental Endurance is good for:

The scale for Mental Endurance is:

Warfare - The two Warfare stats are Weapon Skills and Tactics.

Weapon Skills

This determines how well you chop people into giblets with hand weapons or shoot them to death with ranged weapons. It covers both weapons-oriented reflexes and your ability to feint and spot openings, as well as your knowledge of armed combat styles.

High Weapon Skills let you:

The Weapon Skills scale looks like this:


Tactics covers, like all attributes, a fair range of skills. It includes leadership skills, organizational skills, the manipulation of many factors at once on a field of combat (ranging from planning advertising campaigns to leading armies on the battlefield), the use of one's environment against foes, stealth, and the detection of stealth. It does NOT cover things like feinting with a sword, or exploiting a hole in someone's swordplay; that falls under Weapon Skills.

High Tactics will let you:

The tactics scale looks like this: