AY 0: Founding of the Realm.

AY 1-200: Somewhere within this span is the First Chaos War. Amber is besieged, but defeats Chaos and breaks its army.

AY 254: Formation of the White Watch.

AY 304: Crowlight Star appears in Shadow.

AY 305: The Veriacordia War begins. Arden is quickly lost.

AY 306: Veriacordia burn Fleuren's Landing and cut off all trade to Amber.

AY 308: Veriacordia take the Middle Castle. Emily kills seven Veriacordia fighting the rearguard up the Duelist Stair.

AY 309: Fall of the Upper Castle. The White Watch seals the ice tunnels to the Upper Mount; the Veriacordia ignore them. Crowlight Star reaches Amber.

AY 310: The Black Years begin as all resistance ends. Veriacordia settle in to rule Amber cruelly. Many citizens flee.

AY 311: Birth of Prince Anton.

AY 332: Riots in the city trigger a general massacre by the Veriacordia, followed by plague. City nearly deserted afterwards.

AY 366: Birth of Princess Jennahdy.

AY 377: Anton and Jennahdy join their brother Senlin in a pact to free Amber. Senlin raises armies in Shadow, Jennahdy forges refugees in the mountains into a force, Anton organizes the remaining nobility.

AY 380: The Crowlight Star is spotted in the Golden Circle. Anton and Jennahdy find Emily, who joins their cause.

AY 381: War of the Reckoning. The four siblings lead armies to attack the nearly empty city of Amber and the Castle. The Veriacordia are destroyed or driven away. The ice tunnels are opened, and the White Watch emerges, grey but unbowed. The Crowlight Star reaches Amber.

AY 382-92: A decade of renewal follows as people return to the city and trade resumes. Most of the Golden Circle treaties are refreshed.

AY 383: Rebuilding of Fleuren's Landing.

AY 400: The White Years begin. The city continues to grow. Prosperity increases. First Lord Mayor of Amber sworn in.

AY 410: Emily takes ship from Fleuren's Landing and sails off into Shadow.

AY 429: Emily returns from Shadow with a woman named Annebel.

AY 432: Wren is born to Annebel.

AY 435: Merlion is born to Annebel.

AY 438: Sterren is born to Annebel.

AY 445: Jennahdy revives and recharters the Rangers of Arden.

AY 450: Laura is born to Annebel.

AY 454: Wren vanishes into Shadow.

AY 512: Sterren goes to Rebma.

AY 523: Wren returns from Shadow, alarmed, and reports that the Crowlight Star has appeared in Shadow. Amber quietly begins to arm for war and improve the defenses.

AY 529: Late in the year, the Fleet of the Dead attacks Rebma. Sterren flees to Amber bearing the news. Amber activates it's defence pacts and rallies the Golden Circle, and sends a fleet to aid Rebma. The Crowlight Star is seen over Rebma by mariners.

AY 530: End of the White Years. Shiploads of refugees from Rebma arrive in Amber, telling horrible tales. Amber's fleet finds Rebma conquered, fights a naval battle, and withdraws in defeat.

AY 531: Undead raiders attack merchant shipping on the seas. Amber increases its defences and prepares for the onslaught.

AY 532: Crowlight Star appears over Amber. Fleet of the Dead crushes the Amber Navy, sails up the Grand Canal, and destroys Fleuren's Landing. Waves of the dead, led by undead Rebman nobility, attack the city. Lord Mayor is killed leading the militia. Population takes refuge in the Lower Castle. Kolvir is besieged. Laura is killed. The siege is lifted when Senlin brings reenforcements from Shadow, and Sterren sneaks into Rebma and kills the Queen of the Dead. The Fleet of the Dead is annihilated. Rebma remains in the claws of the Dead, but attacks outside of it cease.

AY 533: A badly injured Sterren is tended by Emily for most of this year in her tower. She emerges late in the year, and assumes the office of Keeper of the Dead. First recorded mention of her possessing Ashkandel.

AY 534: Amber formally extends citizenship to all Rebman refugees, affirms the rights of the refugee Rebman Nobility, and grants them land. Most settle in the City or in the south.

AY 534-550: The Migration. Various Rebmans who escaped alive continue to immigrate to Amber. This causes some tensions, especially in the north, but most people welcome them and accept them.

AY 554-5: Razor Jean murders. Eight Rebman noblewomen vanish and are later found dumped in the d'Oloron or in abandoned courtyards. Sterren eventually investigates. It is unclear what she finds, but the killings cease.

AY 556: Fleuren's Landing is rebuilt. Cadence is born to Moins of Rebma.

AY 557: Anton fights the Caltbrunner Ogre in a four-day battle that causes avalanches and weird flashes of light atop the peak of Superstition Mountain. He comes down in one piece, but does not claim victory.

AY 562: The Reckoning of Ash and Fire forbids intermarriage with Rebmans.

AY 563: First Rebman Lord Mayor of Amber is appointed.

AY 565: Cadence kills an assassin who attacks her in her playroom.

AY 571: Henri is born to Moins of Rebma.

AY 573: Out of the blue, with no explaination, Jennahdy and Sterren fight a vicious duel apparently with intent to kill. Anton, Cadence, and Emily forcibly restrain them. Emily carts them off and speaks to each of them at length. The two avoid each other afterwards and seldom speak of the incident.

AY 575: The Reckoning of Stone and Sand forbids intermarriage with Rebmans.

AY 576: Blairfriar Abbey, a Rebman estate in the north, is attacked and burned by Old Ones in a mob. Jennahdy rides north and hangs everyone who participated from the nearest tree to the spot she catches them in, then hangs everyone who tries to cut one of them down. The north gets the message, if not happily, and settles down. Rebmans assigned northern lands are quietly encouraged to trade them for ones in another part of the Kingdom.

AY 581: The Golden Circle Shadow of Walen is invaded by the Moonriders out of Ghenesh. Amber declares war.

AY 583: Cadence kills the Moonriders so hard their ancestors die at the Battle of Jengha Ford. She then liberates the captial of Walen in a forced march, captures the Khan of the Moonriders, and sends him back to Amber in chains.

AY 584: Walen is completely freed of the Moonriders.

AY 586: Cadence leads three armies onto the Prairie Sea and burns Moonrider villages and kills Moonrider cattle until they come out and try to fight her. She crushes their army, and then challenges the remaining saKhans to single combat, one after the other. She kills each one of them with her bare hands. The Moonriders beg for mercy en masse, and a treaty is signed.

AY 587: Henri walks the Pattern and departs into Shadow.

AY 589: The Rebman Revival League is founded in the city of Amber, seeking to build support for a retaking of Rebma.

AY 619: Henri returns from Shadow.

AY 628: Wren climbs Talltree, spending four months atop it before returning. She refuses to say what, if anything, she found above the clouds.

AY 635: Something badly mauls Sterren and kills several of the White Watch.

AY 636: Wren kills the Lord Mayor of Amber in a duel for uncertain and petty reasons. Cadence protests angrily.

AY 637: Annebel kills Moins, who had been well into a third pregnancy. Cadence and Henri demand her execution, claiming that she is guilty of murdering a Royal Sibling. This claim is held to be sketchy at best, as there is no real way to prove the father of the child.

AY 638: Annebel procudes witnesses who claim Moins was killed in a fair duel. Cadence and Henri insist she be executed, by she is instead found mostly innocent. Cadence and Henri attempt to take matters into their own hands, but are prevented by Wren and Merlion. First Civil War begins as Wren, Merlion, and Annebel fortify the Castle.

AY 639: Anton sides with Cadence and Henri, although it is an uneasy alliance. They take the City and lay siege to the Castle.

AY 640: Merlion forms the first Sworn Company, an innovation soon copied by the others. Three of the five Reckonings declare for the Castle and call the Warmoot; the other two remain neutral.

AY 641: Pitched battles around the City and Castle. The Charge of the Reckonings breaks Cadence's line and enters the city, but is driven back with losses. Reports from the Golden Circle tell of the Crowlight Star being seen. Both sides see this as a sign of imminent victory, and prepare for a great push.

AY 642: Word reaches Amber of the approach of a vast Host of Chaos. A truce is called, and the Civil War ends. Cadence and Emily take command of the defenses. Merlion and Annebel turn traitor and join the Host of Chaos.

AY 643: The Crowlight Star reaches Amber. Chaos moves through Arden, harrassed by Jennahdy and her rangers. They take the mostly abandoned city and fight their way into the Lower Castle, but take fearsome losses. Senlin and Jennahdy bring an army in from Shadow and hit the rear. Cadence lures Chaos into a rash assault, and then traps them between her army and Senlin's. Wren kills Merlion on a bridge over the Ring Gardens in single combat. Chaos breaks and flees, as many who can, anyway.

AY 644: The Civil War is considered over. Sworn Companies shrink to the size of an honor guard. Merlion's Sworn Company goes independant and works out of the city, becoming the first Free Company of Amber.

AY 706: A series of murders in the city revives the name of Razor Jean, although the victims are not Rebmans.

AY 707: Outright panic in the city forces Sterren to investigate the murders. She finds that they were committed by a hog butcher named Grudy, and has him hung. The murders cease.

AY 713: Jean is born to Adrienne di Corci, a noblewoman of uncertain pedigree.

AY 727: Jean begins to study opera and music.

AY 732: Great Opera House Riot occurs on the opening night of Jean's first production. Plot turns out to be the story of Sterren and Jennahdy's duel. His interpretation has them as rivals for the hand... paw... of Moonhowling Poet. Production violates several laws regarding slander, obscenity, and cruelty to animals. Massive brawl erupts between the numerous groups of Arden Rangers and White Watch who Jean had given complimentary tickets to. The Urban Cohorts arrive during the final act and attempt to arrest everyone. Audience riots. The Opera House and three city blocks burn to the ground, and the Rose and Swan Cohorts are forced to help restore order. Jennahdy reportedly finds the incident endlessly funny. Sterren is less amused. Jean takes off into Shadow for health reasons. Cadence makes it a high crime punishable by flogging to write porn opera.

AY 733: Porn opera enjoys an underground renaissance.

AY 742: Anton returns to Superstition Mountain. The flashes of light can be seen as far away as Fleuren's Landing. He comes down looking battered and exceptionally grumpy.

AY 830: Jennahdy applies for a leave of absence and wanders off into Shadow.

AY 845: Jean returns from Shadow.

AY 861: Something dark settles in Arden and begins to prey on travelers.

AY 862: Jennahdy returns from her travels and goes to work on scouring Arden.

AY 865: Jennahdy closes the Old Forest Road to travel. Only the Arden Rangers dare enter the forest.

AY 870: Jennahdy reports that Arden has 'gone strange' and that purging it is likely to be impossible.

AY 890: Cadence becomes involved with the RRL.

AY 901: Cadence, with the backing of Henri and Senlin, proposes a military expedition to purge Rebma and resettle it. The idea is rejected as too risky.

AY 915: Cadence revives the question of retaking Rebma, having spent a decade and a half formulating plans and building an army. The idea is again rejected. Cadence, Henri, and Senlin try to do it anyway with the Amber military. Wren and Jean (with the quiet support of Sterren and Emily) attempt to stop them. The Second Civil War erupts.

AY 915-920: Numerous battles fought, many men killed, trade begins to slide off.

AY 921: Wren captures Henri and imprisons him. Last Lord Mayor of Amber killed.

AY 922: Crowlight Star is spotted in the Golden Circle. An armistice is called, and the current political order formed. Preparations for the defence of Amber are made.

AY 924: Crowlight Star appears above Amber. Nothing really seems to happen. Everyone shrugs, breathes a sigh of relief, and resumes their daily lives. Henri is named Legate of the City, replacing the office of Lord Mayor.

AY 941: Adrienne di Corci is killed by her lover in a riverfront establishment. Jean kills him, unpleasantly.

AY 1000: Millenial Celebrations in Amber. Everyone but Senlin shows for a party. Emily uncharacteristically leaves early, locks herself in her tower, and stays blind drunk for a month.

AY 1014: Razon Jean murders begin again. Sterren investigates preemptively, as is expected, and burns a death-cult of some sort out of the sewers.

AY 1015: Workers cease work on the rebuilding of the Opera House, claiming a ghost haunts the ruins.

AY 1020: Mina Toestonejoy, a noblewoman of Golden Circle descent, gives birth to Matthew.

AY 1039: Matthew walks the Pattern and vanishes into Shadow.

AY 1078: The Moonriders of Ghenesh invade Walen again. Cadence prepares an army.

AY 1079: Cadence expels the Moonriders from Walen, captures the Khan and sends him back to Amber to be humiliated, then rampages into the Prairie Sea, kills every noble bearing arms that she finds, sends the men in chains to the mines of the Caldbrunner, sells the women and children into slavery, levels anything resembling a permanent settlement, and obliterates every cultural artifact of the Moonriders.

AY 1114: The RRL sends a mercenary fleet to retake Rebma. It is never heard from again.

AY 1147: Matthew returns from Shadow.

AY 1160: Raider ships from out of Rebma begin attacking commerce on the Grand Gulf.

AY 1162: Jean successfully lobbies for improved naval funding, and starts regular patrols to curb the undead raiders.

AY 1165: Raids at sea cease.

AY 1176: The creature known as the Marrowcracker Bear settles in the western Caldbrunner Alps and resists eviction attempts by the Reckonings, who petition for Royal assistance.

AY 1177: Jean and Matthew fight the Marrowcracker Bear, who badly mauls them. It flees into ancient tunnels beneath the Alps to lick its wounds, and never emerges.

AY 1200: Mina throws herself off the Tower of Veils for unknown reasons; no note is left.

AY 1209: First known sighting of an Erl-Hill, in the Golden Circle.

AY 1230: Pirates from Shalomar establish bases in the jungles around the Grand Gulf.

AY 1241: Wren sets new standards of being weird by running down a draft horse and eating it.

AY 1264: Jean, Wren, Cadence, and Henri burn out an Erl-Hill that appears in the south after Erl from it raid the paddies around Fleuren's Landing.

AY 1300: Three Erl-Hills appear in the North; they are stomped on by the Royals in short order. Anton starts investigating the cause of it.

AY 1340: The weather starts getting erratic, causing mild crop failures.

AY 1342: Matthew returns from a trip into Shadow with a rumor that the Crowlight Star has been seen.

AY 1343: Jean returns long enough to lead a series of attacks on the Shalomar Pirates.

AY 1345: Wren points out that the Forest of Arden is growing at an unnatural rate.

AY 1347: Several Erl-Hills are beaten down within the borders of Amber. The Golden Circle reports a severe outbreak of them and asks for help.

AY 1348: Cadence and Henri once again bring up the issue of retaking Rebma. A vote on the matter is deferred.

AY 1349: Raids out of Rebma begin. Food riots in the city due to crop failure. Erl-Hills quashed. Late in the year, Razor Jean murders begin.

AY 1350: Present Day.

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