RoseThe Rest of It - Useful Links and Materials


The Logs of the Squid Gumi Campaign - An Amber DRPG game run in early 1999 by John Biles at the University of Kansas. Contains some interesting concepts, events, and characters, and some wonderful quotes. (The GM of the White Rose Saga played Ishmael, if you couldn't guess. ;) Aside from the amusement value, useful as a field demonstration of what can and cannot be done with the powers.

Through A Mirror Darkly chronicle - The other Utena-based Amber game out there, although TAMD makes it a far more important element in the plot than White Rose does. Run by John Biles online, with players in the States and the Phillipines.

Duellists: (The Utena Encyclopedia) - Several characters and elements in the White Rose Saga are liberally borrowed from the surrealist Japanese epic Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Duellists is a good initial launchpad for exploring this work of art, and a useful resource for the avid watcher.

The Newbie Player's Reference Guide & Advice Files - These were written to summarize what each of the powers could do in terms that novice players could understand, and to give them an idea of how the system works. It was basically meant as a 'take home' for players who had read the books and had the GM go over the rules with them; sort of a quick consulting guide to refer to while at home thinking about what kind of player they want. Veteran players may find the cosmology section enlightening, but the rest is meant primarily for the new player.

The Online Abbrieviated Powers List - Has less advice but more detail, and far better organization. Useful for those lacking the books.

Ask Aunt Flora - ...if you dare.

The Tragical History of Eric, King of Amber - Wow. Bard-esque play covering the Big E's rise and fall. Remember, kids, it's always fun until the JoJ sucks someone's lifeforce out!

Cheer Up! - Whilst I consider it my solemn duty as a self-respecting Amber GM to put my players through all sorts of Hell, it'll never get as bad as this.

Ale's Art - Ain't it cool? Ale did our original, hand-drawn trumps out of the goodness of her heart. Marvel at her pencil.