RoseDramatis Personae - The Player Characters


Princess of Avalon

Juri is a reserved but polite woman who splits her time between a very active role in Avalon's administration and her position as the Dean of Princess Juri's School for Girls (located in her own personal Shadow of the Realm), the finest place for a young woman to get an education in the entire universe--literally. When she bothers, she's a swordswoman to equal Joan and Darako, but she seems to have certain reservations against fighting casual duels.

Juri sees herself as a peacemaker and stabilizer among her siblings. She has no obvious designs on the throne, and cares far more for the well-being of her school and Avalon (in roughly that order) than she does for her ambitions--whatever they may be. She's something of a busybody, but a well-meaning one, and a dangerous enemy towards anything that threatens Avalon's stability, including any of her siblings.

Among her siblings, she's generally regarded well, although her reserved nature stops her from forming intimate relations with many of them. She gets along quite well with Tess, respecting her knowledge, and even seeming to have something of a blind spot toward Tess's mental state, as she's repeatedly asked her to come and give guest lectures at the school. Joan and her, naturally, have something of a rivalry--created much more by Joan than by Juri. She's closest to Dante and to her nephew, Horatio. The only one she openly despises is her full younger sister, Darako. She sees Darako as a disruptive disgrace to the entire family and a threat to Avalon's continued existence; Darako, in turn, sees her as a tight-assed bitch. They've come to public blows more than once--the results, like Juri's few duels with Joan, have been inconclusive.

(Update: Juri has been betrayed, used as a pawn by Brand, had her mind tampered with, been battered around, and was manipulated into killing two of her siblings. But other than that, she feels just fine, thank you. *twitch* *twitch*

Prince of Avalon

Venir was, for millennia, the little brother of the family; quiet, introverted, and given more to philosophical study than plotting or scheming. It was almost inevitable that he would snap, one day, and lo and behold, he did... after a horrific row with Tess, he lit out for Shadows unknown. Nothing was heard of him for centuries, making him yet another misplaced prince.

Ten years ago, he returned, but radically different from the way that he once was. While he is still relatively tall and gaunt, his hair has changed from brown to a uniform gray, to match the gray clothing that he now favors. His left arm is metal, a skeletal-looking prosthesis, embossed with a gray rose pattern on the shoulder. After prodding from Dante and the other aesthetically-oriented members of the family, he consented to cover it with a long glove (also gray), as well as placing a crystal (shockingly, gray!) in the ruined socket of his left eye. Nobody knows where he sustained the injuries or why they seem to be permanent.

Since returning, Venir's suddenly-cold manner and direct modes of speech have alienated most of the family, many of which do not quite trust that Venir is, in fact, their brother. Darako seems to maintain a relationship of some sort with him - they are continually making demands on each other's expertise and time, and she is not in the least put off by his comments, nor he by hers. Surprisingly, Tess also gets along well with the new Venir, their past arguments apparently forgotten. The two have been seen holding conversations, each speaking about completely different subjects than the other, and both seeming to understand perfectly. Speculation is that they are using some sort of incredibly elaborate code, or that both of them are complete screwballs, with the majority opinion leaning toward the latter.

(Update: After being used by Brand as a pawn for most of the game, Venir was killed by Juri in the Duel Called Revolution. What a way to go...)

Prince of Avalon

Description: Gideon is tall but quite thin. His spiky hair is a strange silver-blond, and his eyes, which are usually hidden behind glasses, are a deep blue. His mode of dress varies with the situation and his whim, from rather adventurous leather outfits with lots of buckles and straps to severe uniforms, but they are always some combination of black and red.

Demeanor and interests: He tends to be fairly friendly, generally. He's a bit quiet at times, and generally not a party person. His main interest seems to be the collection of knowledge about, well, everything.

Colors: Black and Red

Relationships with siblings: He gets along fairly well with most of his siblings, always staying friendly. His favorites seem to be Tess, since they can at times be found talking shop deep into the nights, and, strangely, Darako. He seems to be a bit cautious around Meredith and Joan, but doesn't seem to dislike them.

(Update: It was widely believed that he was dead for a long stretch of the game. Not. Although last we saw of him recently, he was missing an arm and a huge pillar of fire was blowing up his tower in the Citadel Avalon...)

Cadet of Gascoyne, Lord of Chaos

A bounty hunter, military man, and Lord of Chaos, Brandon became involved in the quest for the Spikard along with his partner, Wren. After it was revealed that Darako had murdered Wren and taken her place, Brandon vowed revenge, and joined the side of Avalon as a consultant attached to Prince Angus.

(Update: It has since come out that Brandon was really just a mask of Gideon, who wasn't as dead as he appeared. How sneaky!)

Horatio d'Ambar
Demiprince of Avalon, Master of the Trainyards

Horatio d'Ambar. Only third-generation scion of Avalon currently in existence (that we know of, at least) and, coincidentally, third in line for the throne. This fact causes him no end of trouble, and he spends quite a bit of time looking over his shoulder. ^_^

The exact nature of Horatio's conception, birth, and early upbringing are something of a mystery, especially concerning the little fact of his legitimacy (no-one dares ask Tess.) However, his name is entered in the official genealogies under 'born in wedlock,' so it's generally assumed there was some sort of husband involved. God knows how. He's only the only scion of Avalon to posses a last name, possibly of familial origin, though he hints at times he may have taken it just to confuse people.

Horatio is possesed of mental powers nearly as strong as his mother; it is generally thought the Tess instructed him. He lives in a small suite of rooms in her Tower, and comes and goes freely; he's the only person other than Tess for whom Pongo the bear-hedgehog from Hell will roll over for. It's considered a bad idea to mention his mother's creeping dementia in front of him; he doesn't take that well. At all.

Horatio occupies the rather dubious, not to mention self-appointed, position of Master of the Trainyard; he supervises the day-to-day running of things (when he's there; he travels a lot. But that's why they invented underlings) and arranges for the proper dispositioning of Avalon's precious fleet of shadow-travelling locomotives and shadowspanning railways. The higher workings of the Train Station still elude him, though; in fact, some of the more senior stewards know more about the things than he does. Having unfettered access to the Train Schedule (thanks, Mom!) helps, but not a lot. He does, however, have the use of a private locomotive he had custom-built and commisioned form the stewards; a huge, gothic-looking thing done in his colors of red and purple that can outrun anything else on the tracks.

As much as they can be, given the families nature, Horatio's relations with his relatives are quite amicable, with the exception's of Walker, Joan, and Darako. Walker resents the hell out of him for being third-gen, yet having such a higher rank than him, and Horatio and Joan have been having problems for awhile; Horatio resents the air of secrecy that Joan cloaks the Valley of Lethe in. He views the place as both a great potential source of knowledge and alternate gateway to shadow. Things came to a head some years back when he attempted to push through a proposal to extend a railine through the Pass of Blue and around the Valley; things have cooled off since that unfortunate incident, though not by much.

As for Darako..... well, nobody likes Darako.

(Update: Horatio has borne a charmed life, waltzing in and out of abject catastrophes like the proverbial fool and madman. He's also built his very own construct of great power, which Gideon has kindly driven insane for him. Missing a hand courtesy of Finn and Brand.)

Newly Discovered Prince of Avalon

Trucido is the son of the King Without A Name and a woman out in Shadow. After he was born, The King left, leaving behind a rose signet ring that would lead his son to Avalon, to be used when he came of age.

And now Trucido is here, to learn all about himself.

Clad in a simple white blouse, with a blue jacket, and dark blue pants, this cheerful eighteen-years old offers a bright smile and polite demeanor towards everyone.

He carries around a purse, full of herbs, with a high display of medicine knowledge.

And he does a mean pot of tea, too.

(Update: Yah, right. Trucido turned out of be Finndo's top assassin and killing machine, which he demonstrated by mauling Horatio and Gideon at once, relieving those two worthies of unneccessary blood and body parts. But he's on the side of the angels now, having killed Finndo before the gates of Avalon. Tea, anyone?)

Owner/Bartender of The Hound

See the writeup on The Hound for details.

(Update: Hey, he's a Prince! When did that happen? Finn has not had a good time of it, as he was tortured in Chaos and used as a living machine component by Venir. On the other hand, he gets the chicks!)