RoseThe Library - Essays On People, Places, And Things


The Hound - One of Avalon's noted gathering spots and watering holes; neutral ground in an often factionalized city.
Description by Dan Root

The Harbour Pool - A description of the layout and defenses of the True City's harbour. Description by Mercutio

The Trainyards - Horatio's pride and joy. Description by Mercutio

Mount Fraer - One of the more forbidding gateways into Avalon. Description by Mercutio

The Escher Room - A non-Eucildian chamber in the Citadel Avalon, inhabited by an arguably stranger mind. Description by Andy Kent

The Tunnels Beneath Citadel Avalon - As narrated by a ten-year-old Princess Juri. Narrative by Alan Harnum.

The Library - Pictures, maps, and a guided tour of the library of the Citadel Avalon. Page by Chris Bremer